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How to Fix Your Marriage by Changing Yourself

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How to Fix Your Marriage by Changing Yourself

Do you feel your partner is to blame for your unhappiness?

Do you feel you partner’s actions are unfair to you?

Are you trying to get your partner to change his or her behavior without much success?

Are you desperately looking for advice on how to fix a marriage?

When people find themselves in an unhappy marriage, their first instinct is to blame their spouses for their unhappiness. Most people believe that the only way to change their marriages is by getting their spouses to change their behavior.  Unfortunately this isn’t true.

The reason why so many people are in unhappy marriages is because they expect change to come from outside of themselves. They do not consider how their own attitudes and behavior are playing a role in their unhappiness.

Thankfully, there is a solution for couples who are tired of being unhappy and willing to look within themselves for solutions.

Change your Behavior

Why do you worry about the speck of sawdust in your spouse’s eye while ignoring the plank in your own eye?

Instead of blaming your partner for your unhappiness or focusing your attention on your spouse’s shortcomings and faults, focus on changing your behavior first. When you change your focus, you’ll be a lot more patient with your spouse despite their annoying habits. In addition, your partner may also change their behavior in response to your improvement.

Change your Attitude

It’s impossible to like everything about your spouse. Unfortunately, most people tend to focus their attention on the 20% that they dislike about their spouses instead of focusing on the 80% that they actually like about their spouse. It’s the classic 80/20 rule.

It’s up to you to train your mind to focus on your spouse’s positive traits instead of focusing on the negative ones.  You can do this by complimenting your spouse and thanking them for the things they do well more often. In doing so, you continually remind yourself and your spouse of the 80% that you like about them.

Change your Heart

Advice on how to fix a marriage can only be helpful if your heart is in the right place. This is because your heart motivates you to be patient, kind and loving towards your spouse.

As humans, we are self centered by nature, and this selfishness is the cause of many marital problems. However, you cannot be happy in marriage if you put your needs and wants before those of your spouse.

God has the power to change human nature and turn selfish hearts into kind and gentle hearts. Just pray about it and ask God to change or soften your heart and that of your spouse.

If you want a happy marriage, stop blaming your partner for your unhappiness and start looking within yourself for answers. Start your journey to a happier marriage today with this advice on how to fix a marriage.

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