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Orlando & Liz Pule

Orlando & Elizabeth Pule are known widely for their mutual passion and leadership in the area of Family Life and Ministry.  Their focus on marriage education and training may likely be traced back to their own personal experiences.  Elizabeth has always called Toronto home while Orlando was born and raised in New Zealand.  Clearly their love story spans thousands of miles and is only the beginning of why they prioritize family and marriage relationships in their ministry.  They believe in the benefits of community, marriage mentoring and enjoy journeying with families.

Orlando and Elizabeth both hold graduate degrees in theology. Orlando and Elizabeth have both had the privilege of serving as pastors in local churches. They currently serve as Co-Directors of Family Ministries (Men, Women & Singles) at the Ontario Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist.

Elizabeth and Orlando live in Oshawa and are blessed with three energetic, determined boys; Gabriel, Isaiah, and Samuel.

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