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Are you madly in love or just plain mad? Attend a "Mad About Marriage" seminar to find out!

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The “Mad About Marriage” television series was created as part of LifeStyle Magazine, a talk show hosted by Mike and Gayle Tucker. Topics include “too little sex”, finances, lack of love and respect, and much more.

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Through “Mad About Marriage” seminars Faith For Today can help enhance the quality of the marriages in your church. In addition when you invite couples from your community, the seminars serve as a wonderful addition to your church’s evangelistic outreach.

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From Tolerance to Acceptance

Tolerance alone is not a strong enough foundation for a happy marriage; it must be coupled with acceptance and understanding. Therefore, if you truly want successful marriage, one of your marriage goals should be to move from tolerating each other’s weaknesses and flaws to true acceptance and understanding. Tolerance means…

Is Your Marriage on the Right Track?

Even healthy relationships require an audit every now and then. This helps the couple to identify sore spots in their marriage and make changes where necessary. At the very least, couples should evaluate their marriages every three months. With open communication, an evaluation can take as little as 30 minutes….

Plan a Secret Getaway

Have you and your spouse had a romantic couple’s getaway recently? Secret getaways are an exciting way to keep the fire burning in a marriage.  A nice weekend getaway, to some place off the beaten track where the two of you can enjoy some privacy, will go a long way…