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Faith For Today is excited about partnering with local churches to keep Mad About Marriage seminar costs to a minimum so that the seminar can be used as a part of local community outreach. The costs to the local organization are:

a flat fee that covers seminar materials and travel expenses

the costs of the venue and advertising

Faith For Today will provide our logo and other information to assist with local advertising. We will also provide a graphics file for a customized poster and flyers that can be printed and distributed by the host organization.

We will help you reach out to your community by mentioning your seminar on our websites and broadcasts. An announcement can be placed on Lifestyle Magazine stating that Mike will be appearing at your church or auditorium.

Through Mad About Marriage Seminars, Faith For Today can help enhance the quality of the marriages in your church. In addition when you invite couples from your community, the seminars serve as a wonderful addition to your church’s evangelistic outreach.

what’s involved?

Mad About Marriage is a marriage program sponsored by Faith For Today Television Ministries. Mad About Marriage Seminars have three major components:

  • Mad About Marriage television programs, which air as a part of Lifestyle Magazine, the flagship TV show produced by Faith For Today Ministries. The programs are broadcast on the Hope Channel and may also be viewed on the Lifestyle Magazine channel on Roku and on the web at
  • Mad About Marriage Seminars, which are presented live by Mike Tucker. Seminars are scheduled in large and small venues across North America by invitation from churches and other organizations.
  • Mad About Marriage: Flipping The Switch small group curriculum. This 6-week course is designed to enrich marriages through a series of individual, couple, and group exercises. It is designed as a follow-up to the MAM seminar.


In the Mad About Marriage Seminars Mike Tucker presents a variety of principles proven to strengthen relationships. Using video clips, humor, and examples from his own experience, he illustrates the challenges couples face in day-to-day life. He draws on current research and the expertise of a variety of scholars, authors and psychologists to offer solutions to common problems. The seminar is geared for all marriages, whether strong or troubled, and singles also benefit from the principles that are presented.

General Seminar Topics include:

  • Spirituality
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Expectations in Marriage
  • Forgiveness
  • Rewinding Conversations
  • Connection
  • Big Issues

Some of the “Big Issue” Topics:

  • Infidelity
  • Pornography
  • Finances
  • Spousal Abuse
  • Addiction
  • Love and Respect


The Mad About Marriage Seminar includes approximately five to six hours of presentation depending on the time available at a particular venue. The scheduling is flexible and can be tailored to fit the needs of the host organization (i.e. Friday night/Saturday; Saturday all day; Saturday/Sunday). If the event is being hosted by a church organization, Mike is also available to preach for worship services as needed. Some hosts choose to end the weekend with a special event, such as a meal or reception following a re-commitment ceremony at the close of the seminar. Other hosts prefer to simply allow participants to leave and spend time together as couples rather than entering into a social setting. This is the choice of the local coordinators. The planning and expense of a reception would be the responsibility of the hosts.

Session Format

Each session begins with a presentation by Mike on a particular topic, including illustrations, video presentations, and interaction with the group. Couples are not asked to share anything publicly, and no one is put on the spot or made to feel uncomfortable. The presentation lasts about 35-40 minutes, followed by 10-15 minutes of application time where couples work privately on exercises that will help them apply the concept to their relationship. Break time is built in to the schedule.


Faith For Today is committed to partnering with local organizations so that the Mad About Marriage Seminar can be affordably used as a part of local community outreach and evangelism. The cost to the host organization is $4,500, payable to Faith For Today. This will be used to cover seminar materials and travel expenses. Mike will book his own airline, car, and hotel reservations. A $500 deposit is required at booking to secure the date. In case of cancellation, the deposit is fully refundable until 60 days prior to the date of the event. If cancellation occurs after that time, the deposit will not be refunded because of airline change fees that would be incurred by Faith For Today.

Please note: Fee structure may vary for events held outside the United States. Please contact us for specific information on international events.

Additional costs to the host organization will be the cost of the venue and the advertising for the event. Also, the host organization usually provides a lunch for the participants, if appropriate in the weekend schedule. This can be a planned, catered meal or in a church setting it can be a potluck provided by the church members at the discretion of the local planning team.

Faith For Today will be responsible for all programming and for the cost of video production for the seminar. We will provide all seminar materials, including participant workbooks and pens.

To assist the church with advertising, Faith For Today will provide digital files of a customized poster and fliers for the event, which can be printed locally. We will also provide graphics files that can be used to create website notices and other advertising materials.