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Staying Positive in Marriage

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Staying Positive in Marriage

Marriage is a wonderful thing. However, with the high divorce rate today, it is not easy for couples to stay positive about their marriages.

Nonetheless, staying positive is a critical ingredient for a happy marriage. In fact, one of the key indicators of a healthy marriage is the amount of positivity between the partners. Such positively doesn’t come effortlessly. It has to be cultivated through:

Embracing the power of positive thinking

For your marriage to be happy and successful, you need to eliminate negativity from your thoughts. To do this, pay more attention to your thoughts and consciously and actively make an effort to replace negative patterns with positive ones. In so doing, you will begin to experience the power of positive thinking.


Nothing is more positive than a smile. If you can find reasons to smile in your every day, you’ll have no trouble staying positive about your marriage. Smiling lightens up your mood and relieves emotional stress.

Also, don’t hesitate to share laughter with your spouse whenever you get an opportunity. Laughter brings you closer together and causes stress, worry and anger to melt away.

Living a healthy lifestyle

It’s hard to stay stress-free and positive when you are living an unhealthy lifestyle. Unhealthy dietary, sleep and other habits cause emotional stress which inevitably leads to marital problems. As a couple, you should not only strive to live a healthy lifestyle but also support each another in this quest.

Surrounding yourself with optimistic people

You and your spouse should make a conscious effort to surround yourselves with people who are optimistic about your marriage and life in general. That’s because staying positive can be extremely difficult when you are surrounded by negative people. Your mood, how you look at life and how you deal with situations depend so much on the people you surround yourself and your marriage with, including family members.

Although every married couple knows that it is important to stay positive when they are having marital problems, few couples actually manage it. That’s because staying positive isn’t a fluke. Couples must make a conscious effort to think positively, smile more often, live a healthier lifestyle and surround themselves with other optimistic people.

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