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Prayer's Role In Saving Marriage

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Prayer's Role In Saving Marriage

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Does prayer play a role in saving marriage?

I certainly think so.

God created marriage. So it only stands to reason that marriages are healthiest and strongest when prayer is a part of the relationship.

Here’s a simple prayer to save marriage:  “God, I come humbly before your presence to seek your wisdom and grace. Please guide me – show me anything I need to do or change to save my marriage. I commit myself and my marriage to you. In your name I pray. Amen.”

It’s easy to underestimate the power of prayer.

But when two or more people come together in prayer, difficult situations can be turned around. For this reason, inform people closest to you that you are asking God to intervene in your marriage problems. Invite them to pray with you and for you.

If you’re are asking God to save your marriage and you share the same faith as your spouse, then pray with each other and for each other. Hearing your spouse pray for you will melt your heart – the same holds true when they hear you praying for them.

You can also pray for the marriages of others.  If appropriate, consider asking them to describe the marriage of their dreams so you can pray for them to have that kind of marriage.

Also, if appropriate, invite them to share any specific marriage difficulties that they would like for you to pray for — and promise them that you will keep  what they share in strictest confidence.

Remember, praying to save a marriage in which you are not directly involved requires you to be wise, cautious, non-judgmental and trustworthy of people’s confidences.

As you pray to save a marriage, be mindful that people have free will. They might choose to separate or seek divorce despite our feelings on the matter. So be a friend. Be supportive. Be there for them. Certain outcomes are sometimes unavoidable.

But take hope in the promise of Romans 8:28 that God works all things out for the good of those who love Him. He picks up the pieces of   broken relationships and through His grace makes something positive come from the disappointment and pain.

Regardless of the outcomes of your prayers, remember that God is always working to accomplish His purpose in your life – He’s on your side.

So decide to look for the good in every situation. Every marriage ends at one time or another either by a couple deciding to end the relationship or bereavement.

So cherish the present moment and all of the opportunity it offers.

Do what you can to nurture your relationship.

You’re only one choice away from having a better marriage.

One of the simplest things you can do today is to decide to pray for a happy, healthy and lasting marriage.

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