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Keeping A Strong Marriage After 40

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Keeping A Strong Marriage After 40

If you’re over 40 years old and have been married for many years, chances are your marriage has grown dull, routine or stale and you need marriage advice to help breathe new life into your relationship.

So here are some tips for rejuvenating your marriage.

1. Remember why you married each other in the first place.

If you’ve been together for a long time, then there are strong reasons why. What are they? Write them down.

Think about what brought you together and what keeps you together.

An enduring relationship is a manifestation of the love and commitment between two people who care deeply for one another.

Simply taking the time to remember why you chose one another in the first place can be enough to rekindle the fire that brought you together.

2. Talk.

No matter how familiar you become with each other – even to the point of reading each other’s minds – make communication one of your highest priorities.

Communication is the act of striving to truly understand and appreciate each other. It’s the key to a fulfilling relationship and happy marriage. Good communication expresses concern and interest for each other.

3. Spend quality time together.

(Sitting on the couch together in a zombie state watching television doesn’t count toward your quality time quota.)

Find an activity of mutual interest that you both enjoy.  Maybe it’s cooking a special meal together, stargazing, jogging or walking in the park.

Just find something and go do it!

No more excuses. Don’t put it off any longer. Do it today.

4. Don’t hide things from each other – especially your feelings.

If something is bothering you, tell your spouse so you can find a solution together. Being open with your feelings develops trust and strengthens your marriage.

Dare to be vulnerable. It’s a risk that pays off.

5. Respect each other.

Avoid harsh comments that wound and scar. Decide right now that you’ll do your part to make your marriage a safe place for your spouse.

Sometimes spouses can’t help but criticize each other — and sometimes it’s meant to be constructive. But all too often, criticism hurts feelings and damages trust.

There you have it. Five tips for rekindling love after 40!

Start practicing this marriage advice today to breathe new life into your relationship.

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