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Steps To A Successful Marriage

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Steps To A Successful Marriage

Do something for me, okay?

Remember back to your wedding day when you were standing before the altar with your spouse.

Now, remember your vows and how you promised to love and cherish each other in sickness and health, for better or for worse.

May I ask you something rather personal?

How have things been as the months and years have passed? What kind of marriage do you have today?

Marriage can take a pounding as it passes through the storms of life.

Some relationships break apart upon the jagged rocks of disappointment and disillusionment. But other marriages struggle through the ups and downs, and although the tempest takes it toll, they find a way to survive.

There are many reasons why couples separate and get divorced. But usually it boils down to a lack of trust and waning love.

Trust is essential for love to be strong and healthy. And love is the foundation of a great marriage. When trust and love are gone, the relationship falls apart.

What can we do to maintain trust and love, or get them back if life’s storms have washed them away?

First things first, open the lines of communication.

Start talking!

But do more than talk. Listen. Seek to understand.

And realize that just because you understand something doesn’t mean you agree with it. Got it? Good.

You can begin by sharing what concerns you both. Talk about what happened during your day. Discuss each others’ needs and what you would like more of or less of.

Let down your defenses and let your spouse into your life. Find opportunities to talk and confide in one another.  This creates an environment of hope and belonging within your relationship.

But another thing you can do to create a happy and lasting marriage, is to make compromises and sacrifices for one another.

Put your spouse’s happiness above your own — make their happiness your top priority. This sets you on a pedestal in their eyes. Trust me, this one thing can be a source of marital  satisfaction like you’ve never experienced before in your marriage.

Another step you can take to have a successful marriage is to practice random acts of kindness. Washing the dishes for your wife or cooking dinner for her, or taking the trash out for your husband or filling the car with gas, shows that you care. These little gestures help lessen life’s burdens.

Here’s another great idea. At the end of the day when you both come home, welcome each other warmly with a kiss. Be glad that you have each other to come home to!

Taking these steps for a successful marriage will fill your partner’s heart with happiness and joy. And it’ll make you feel like a million dollars, too.

But there’s another issue we need to talk about quickly. Finances.

Money is a chief source of stress within marriages today. I can’t stress strongly enough how important it is for a husband and wife to  take a joint interest in the financial health of their relationship.

Be proactive. Make decisions about money together so you are both aware of your financial situation. If you suffer a financial setback, then support each other through the difficult times knowing that things will get better. And commit to work together in finding a solution.

As you take steps to deepen your trust and grow your love for one another, your relationship will strengthen. And you will create a world of blissfulness – the very kind that your heart was hoping for long ago when you stood before the altar pledging your forever love to each other.

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