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Let Their Negative Energy Fuel You

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Let Their Negative Energy Fuel You

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An old saying goes, “Not everyone in your circle is in your corner. 

Many people want you to fail, and some of them want you to think they’re your friends. But don’t be fooled—they’re not. 

They’re envious of your success or jealous of your marriage. 

They secretly enjoy your mistakes or are pleased when things don’t work out. They will make negative comments whenever you discuss what you’re working on. They downplay your dreams. They will pass judgment on what you are doing and sometimes leave you wondering if you’re on the right track.

Then, of course, some people are outright against you and are vocal about it. It’s no secret who they are. 

Frank Sinatra said, “The best revenge is massive success.” He was right. 

Use Their Negativity & Prove Them Wrong

Remember the power of choice and self-belief when facing negative comments meant to demoralize you and bring you down. 

First, you have the freedom and right to disagree with and reject every negative comment or intention directed toward you.

So when someone comes against you and your spouse and marriage with negative energy, remove it from your life.

Also, harness the power of self-belief by adopting an empowering perspective that gives you confidence and drive. Decide that you will do everything possible to improve your life and marriage. No one gets to say what you will become. And no one gets to choose your destiny, either. 

Decide today that no one gets to create or influence the “emotional weather” of your family and marriage. 

You’re in charge. And you decide how you’re going to live and what happens moving forward. 

Take Action On Your Intentions

Make people’s negative comments work for you by letting them challenge you to succeed. Use that energy as fuel. They can say what they want but you will show them. Prove them wrong. 

Never let your critics define you or tear down your marriage. 

Push Through Your Fear

The simple choice of proving them wrong can be all it takes to give you the courage to push through your fears. 

Chances are they’re in a “worse” situation than you, which is why they’re envious. Resolve to not become like them. 

You know what you need to do and the direction you need to go. Live your life and celebrate your spouse and family. 

Don’t dim the happy glow of your marriage just to make people feel more comfortable, especially if they call themselves your friends. 

They should be happy for you and fill your life with positive energy, not negative energy, anyway.

So, push through your fear and ignore your naysayers.

Positive Energy Wins the Day

As you break through the fear, your confidence will increase.

You’ve drawn a line in the sand and said without apologizing, “This is my life and marriage and who I am!” 

You have a take-it-or-leave-it attitude. You’re happy with your life and marriage, and you won’t let anyone’s negative energy have a shaping influence or ruin a good thing.

Despite the negative comments or any fear you might have, you’re grateful for where you are and what you have, especially with your marriage. 

Other people’s opinions and negative energy can harm you and your marriage. 

So, never let anyone make you feel bad by what they say or by withholding supportive comments that they should be saying. 

Keep an optimistic outlook as you work every day to improve your life and unlock your best marriage. 

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