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5 Ways To Boost Memory And Concentration

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5 Ways To Boost Memory And Concentration

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It’s common to feel helpless when dealing with marital conflict and distress. And you can easily start slipping into a victim mentality because you might feel you’re at the mercy of external forces – that life is happening to you, and there’s nothing you can do about it. 

During such times, it’s essential to exert control over the things you can control to keep your power instead of giving up and giving it away.   

A great place to start is choosing something to improve about yourself to keep growing and making progress in some area of your life despite what’s happening around you. You might be surprised at the confidence you gain by taking charge of certain areas of your life, which will positively impact your relationship with your spouse and marriage. 

Since stress and distress can cause forgetfulness, confusion, and difficulty concentrating, let’s discuss taking charge of this area of our lives with five ways to boost memory and concentration, if for no other reason than to gain a sense of control to build our power and confidence.

Train Your Brain

Just like you can train the muscles in your body by lifting weights, you can train the brain through various activities that challenge it to learn new things and skills. It’s a fascinating process called neuroplasticity.

Training your brain allows it to grow, adapt, and change and boosts memory and concentration. The world is at your fingertips through the Internet. You can learn new languages, upgrade your skills by becoming certified, or join local groups or teams.

Challenge your mind to grow and evolve. One of my favorite ways to train my brain is memorizing God’s promises and portions of the Bible.   

Training your brain to learn new skills and knowledge can improve memory, concentration, and problem-solving skills.

Physical Activity

Physical activity, especially aerobic activity, increases blood flow to the brain and supplies it with oxygen. Daily exercise reduces the risk of cognitive decline that people experience with age and helps prevent and protect their brains from degeneration. 

Studies show that aerobic exercises like brisk walking, running, hiking, swimming, and biking can boost memory in patients with early Alzheimer’s.


Prayer and Bible study calm the mind and body, reducing stress, worry, and anxiety. Daily meditation boosts memory and sharpens focus and concentration. It can improve brain function, both short and long-term memory, and reduce brain degeneration markers. Incorporating daily Bible study and prayer into your lifestyle, even if only for 5-10 minutes, can increase brain plasticity. 


Getting 7-9 hours of sleep is crucial for brain health. 

Lack of sleep has been associated with cognitive decline and impaired memory and focus. The brain repairs itself during sleep. Aim for at least 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep but no more than 10 hours.  

Reduce Sugar Consumption

Who doesn’t enjoy sugary treats? Indulging once in a while or in moderation is okay. But sugar plays havoc on our brains and can cause memory loss. Researchers claim that a diet high in sugary drinks and food is linked to developing Alzheimer’s and may decrease total brain volume; the last thing we can afford to lose is brain cells! Avoid highly processed sugar-filled foods like fruit juices and desserts, and try adding fruits and berries to your diet to enjoy their natural sugars.  

Although marital stress, distress, and genetics can play a role in memory and concentration issues, these lifestyle changes can boost brain health and reduce the risk of memory loss and other cognitive impairments. 

We’re discussing this topic today to identify areas we can control when finding ourselves in stressful and distressful situations like marital issues and problems. Doing so gives us a sense of control and empowerment, reducing feelings of helplessness. 

Take charge of your life by strengthening your brain. Avoid highly processed and refined sugars in your diet, avoid being sedentary, be more physically active, and practice meditation through prayer and Bible study every day to boost memory and concentration. This will benefit your overall well-being and reduce stress and anxiety while increasing feelings of confidence and empowerment, helping you unlock your best marriage!

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