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ReKindle Your Passion And Enthusiasm For Life & Marriage

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If you’re unhappy with your marriage, you’re probably not happy or enthusiastic about your life. 

Being passionate or enthusiastic isn’t easy when you’re unsatisfied with your romantic situation. 

Sometimes, it isn’t your marriage that’s the problem; it’s something else that’s killing your enthusiasm for life, which in turn is affecting your marriage. 

Many people lose their enthusiasm for life or marriage somewhere along the way. 

They may feel depressed, discouraged, trapped, or stuck in a rut. Whatever it is, losing one’s enthusiasm takes a toll on their personal happiness and the quality of marriage. 

But you can turn things around, get back on track, and recapture your joy to regain your enthusiasm for life.

Identify What’s Holding You Back

Although you might have an idea why you’ve lost your passion and enthusiasm, whether it pertains to your marriage or some other area of your life, you must figure out exactly what’s holding you back. 

Is it self-doubt? 

Do you have unrealistic expectations that lead you to settle for less than you deserve or give up on what you want? 

Are you making compromises you don’t want to make?

Maybe it’s feeling forced to live somewhere that drains your joy instead of somewhere that fuels your happiness.

Whatever it is, spend time in thoughtful reflection to list potential things that could be throwing a wet blanket on your happiness, dampening your enthusiasm for your life and marriage so you can work to get it back.

Start A Healthy Routine

Regaining your enthusiasm is a process that involves creating a healthy, positive, and enjoyable routine. What you do each day determines how you feel. So, if you feel unenthusiastic and lost, like you’re drifting blindly through life, change your routine! Mix things up! Do something different than you’re doing right now. 

Start by evaluating your morning routine because it sets the tone for the rest of the day. Does it leave you feeling energized, optimistic, and inspired? 

If not, change it to better serve you! 

Avoid checking your phone, social media, and the news as soon as you wake up. Do something that inspires you instead!

Prepare the night before to make tomorrow easier and less hectic. The last thing you want is to rush around and feel hurried.

Starting the day right makes you feel calmer, happier, stronger, capable, optimistic, and empowered.  

Surround Yourself With Optimism

Staying in a positive frame of mind is essential to regaining your enthusiasm. 

It’s hard to be enthusiastic and live with passion if surrounded by passionless, disgruntled, unhappy, dissatisfied people!

Consider the people around you for a second; how many complain about their spouses and/or are unhappy with their marriages? What effect do you think their influence has on your life and marriage?  

Surrounding yourself with negative people naturally makes you more negative, which drains your passion and enthusiasm. You’ll become increasingly unhappy with your marriage and life in general. 

It might sound harsh but cut loose people who exert an unhealthy influence on your life and marriage. 

Surround yourself with optimistic people instead. You will see your life and marriage in a whole new light! And you’ll see new opportunities and enjoy life so much more, too!  

Your inner circle should consist of healthy relationships and people who build you up and support your values, standards, and beliefs! 

What kind of people are in your inner circle right now? What influence do they have on your life and marriage? Do they empower or disempower you?

Get Help When You Need It

It’s hard to be passionate and enthusiastic about our life and marriage when we’re depressed. 

Being depressed isn’t wrong; choosing to ignore it and doing nothing about it is. 

If you suffer from mild depression, the above tips may help you to overcome your current low state. But, if you have moderate to severe depression, please consider getting support from a qualified professional who can help you restore your enthusiasm and passion for your life and marriage. 

Everyone has times when they lose interest in life for some reason, but you can’t let passionless living become your new normal. Don’t get stuck in a rut of negativity and helplessness. 

You have a choice: To live and work to rekindle your passion and enthusiasm for life or be numb, gloomy, and unhappy. 

There’s always something you can do right now to regain your passion and start enjoying a happier and more fulfilling life and marriage. Maybe you didn’t choose where you are right now, but where you go from here is all up to you. 

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