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What Makes A Marriage Work? – Happy Marriage Tips

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What Makes A Marriage Work? – Happy Marriage Tips

Some people think that love is the most important thing in marriage and as long as they love each other, everything else will work itself out. Sadly, this is not true.

Love and physical attraction may put you on the road to a happy marriage but they are by no means the ultimate requirements for marriage.  Mutual commitment is the only necessity for lasting matrimony.

What Does True Commitment Look Like?

When most people say “I’m committed to my marriage,” what they really mean is that they like the way their marriage is going and want it to continue. However, there is a lot more to commitment than this.

Commitment is the resolve to make the sacrifices so as to keep the marriage going especially when things are tough. It is the resolve to stick it out through thick and thin.

Studies show that it is a lot easier for a couple to resolve their marital problems when both of them are equally committed and willing to make sacrifices. Such couples are less likely to get divorced or end up in an unhappy marriage.

Renew Your Commitment to Your Marriage

Now that you know what true commitment looks like, you should consider renewing your commitment to your marriage. This doesn’t mean that you need to stand in front of your loved ones and say your marriage vows all over again. It means making a personal commitment to do whatever it takes and make the sacrifices necessary for a happy marriage.

Do not let your current feelings about your partner and your marriages stop you from give your all to your marriage. Fake it till you feel it, if need be.

It is easy to be committed when you are in a happy marriage. However, true commitment means remaining enthusiastic about your marriage at all times.

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