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When You Have Different Political Views – Common Marital Problems

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When You Have Different Political Views – Common Marital Problems

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Election season can be quite challenging for couples who do not share the same political views. Many people typically dig in their heels and become less accepting of differing viewpoints – even when those viewpoints are coming from their spouses. This can cause a lot of marital problems.

Most relationship advice warns against marrying someone with different political views so there isn’t a lot of guidance on what you should do if you marry someone who doesn’t share your political views. This article provides some tips on how to prevent a politically-mixed marriage from going into turmoil every four years.

Stop Trying to Change Your Partner’s Political Views

Our political views are influenced by our upbringings, personalities and genetics!  That’s right, research shows that our political inclinations are rooted in genetics and may not lend themselves to rational debate.

This means that your spouse’s political views are part of who they are as a person and trying to change those views is the same as trying to change them. Stop trying to get them to see things your way as this will only push them away and cause marital problems.

Different Political Views Aren’t the Problem

Many people have a hard time separating the views from the person. They tend to vilify and demonize people who do not share their viewpoints and opinions. However, different views are not the problem; the problem is how we choose to deal with them.

Acceptance is key in a politically-mixed marriage. It is important to recognize that your spouse’s views are not an affront to you. It is also essential to separate your opinion of your spouse’s political views from your opinion of them as a person. For instance, just because you think your spouse’s views are uninformed doesn’t mean that he or she is uninformed.

Focus on Common Ground

You are married so you obviously agree on some issues. The best way to avoid tension during election season is to focus on common ground. For instance, if the rising national debt is a point of concern for both of you but you disagree on how the issue should be dealt with, it’s best to focus on the former and agree to disagree on the latter.

Having different political views from your spouse doesn’t necessarily spell doom for your marriage. As long as you follow these marriage tips, you should be able to avoid most politically-induced relationship issues  and marital problems.

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