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Stop Your Divorce And Save Your Marriage Part 4

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Stop Your Divorce And Save Your Marriage Part 4

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Another Myth About Divorce That Won’t Die
Sometime you will hear marriage professionals claim that it’s healthier for the children if mom and dad ended the marriage instead of keeping them in close proximity to an unhappy and loveless relationship.

Well, in my opinion, they are promoting a harmful myth that encourages spouses to make the decision to end their marriage too soon  – a decision that many divorced couples have regretted making.

An expert in human development from the University of Missouri studied the impact divorce has on children according to the following stages of life:


  • increased crying and irritability
  • altered eating and sleeping patterns


  • recognition that one parent is missing
  • difficulty in dealing with forced physical parental separation
  • expressions of anger
  • regression or loss of skills previously learned like potty training, sucking their thumb, nightmares and altered sleeping patterns

Preschoolers And Early Elementary Age:

  • may blame themselves for the divorce
  • have anxiety over the new changes in their lives
  • demonstrate sadness and grief over the lost parent
  • sometimes will become aggressive to the parent they believe caused the divorce
  • fantasizes about their parents getting back together


  • abandonment issues caused by the departing parent
  • withdrawal from interpersonal relationships
  • disengagement from favorite activities
  • demonstrate strange/unusual behavior
  • use bad language
  • express anger and uncertainty regarding their ideas of love, marriage and family
  • sometimes feel that they are growing up too soon
  • may be overly concerned about the family finances

When contemplating divorce, or if you are in a marriage that is heading towards divorce, please take action right now to turn things around – do it for the kids.

Your marriage is good enough to save and your family is worth keeping together.

Will saving your marriage be easy? No! But will it be worth it? Yes!

The only thing you need to know is this: You can do this.

So stop your divorce, heal your wounded relationship, and save your marriage.

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