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5 Things You Used To Do (Or Still Do If Your Marriage Is Healthy)

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5 Things You Used To Do (Or Still Do If Your Marriage Is Healthy)

Every marriage has issues. But here are 5 things you did before marrying that made you want to get married in the first place. So do them again to strengthen and save your marriage and to be happy with your relationship.

1. Talk.
You used to talk. And not just for a few distracted minutes. Sometimes you talked for hours – and loved it!

Communication is one of the first things to go when trouble strikes. In most if not all marriage counseling sessions, communication is a major focus. People get angry, they feel bitter and hold grudges. They fume, smolder and eventually erupt, spewing hurtful words all over each other.

Obviously this only makes things worse — much, much worse.

So you owe it to each other to find time every day to simply talk.

Be friends — and be friendly.

Ask how each others’ day went. Talk about small stuff and BIG stuff that is of mutual importance.

Just start talking!

2. Give Time for Each Other.

You used to spend a LOT of time together – and you couldn’t get enough! So you chose to get married so you could enjoy one another for life.

Give quality AND quantity time to each other.  Take a short trip even if only for a day or two. You need to relax and break free from your daily routines. This refreshes your minds and energizes your spirits. Do this often.

To save your marriage and be happy you need time to  stay in tune with one another.

3. Listen.

Learn to listen to each other again.

Listening is more than the physical action of hearing. It’s offering your full attention and striving to understand your mate. This makes your spouse feel appreciated and important.

Listening to your spouse is one of the nicest gifts you can give them because it seems that so few people really listen anymore or care what we think. Don’t be one of those people. Listen.

4. Share The Finances Together.

Okay, maybe you didn’t really do this before you got married but you certainly should after you marry.

Make it a rule that you deal with money matters together. Decide how much you will spend and invest. Create a plan and be committed to it. This proactive approach helps to protect the marriage from the harmful stresses that money worries often bring. Trust me on this.

5. Have Fun Together.

You used to have fun together. You used to look for ways to have fun. It doesn’t have to change now.

Keep looking for ways to make each other smile, laugh and giggle – be crazy and play! If you’ve fallen into a rut, then know right now  you can get out of it by taking action – by finding something fun and enjoyable to do together. You can do this. It’s in your power. So do it!

These 5 relationship tips are simple but effective for saving marriage. You know how to them because you used to do them. So start doing them again to save your marriage and be happy again.

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