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Six Ways To Nurture Your Relationship With Your Spouse

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Six Ways To Nurture Your Relationship With Your Spouse

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If you don’t invest in your marriage by giving it your attention and nurturing it, your relationship with your spouse will die slowly. 

Denying your marriage is in trouble doesn’t solve anything, neither does shrugging your shoulders and walking away. Another thing that never works is waiting for your spouse to take the initiative to fix it. 

Even if you think your spouse is causing all the problems and isn’t easy to be around them because of their rude and insensitive behavior, the only way to get your marriage to change is by changing the dynamics of the relationship, which is in your power to do, unless your spouse suffers with certain clinical or mental health issues or personality disorders. 

Otherwise, consider using these strategies to nurture your relationship with your spouse to change their behavior towards you for a happier marriage: 

Be supportive 

Show up and be there for them instead of withdrawing and distancing yourself. Make an effort to be present and helpful whenever you can. It will help them, strengthen your relationship, and encourage the same behavior from them.  

Be more empathetic

Put yourself in their place—walk in their shoes, especially when things aren’t easy and they’re having a difficult time. Doing so develops compassion. You will understand them better, relate to them more easily, and strengthen your relationship.

Honor your time together

Prioritize your marriage – make the most of every opportunity you have to spend together. Put each other first! Time together builds trust, creates new memories, and strengthens your connections.

Keep the lines of communication open 

Healthy communication that seeks to understand what each other is saying and where you’re coming from is essential to the relationship’s success. If you can’t think clearly when angry, wait until you’ve cooled down to talk. Leave little room for assumptions or misunderstandings.  

Be appreciative and grateful

Tell your spouse how important they are to you and how much you appreciate them. Let them know that you like them and want them in your life! Knowing you appreciate them endears them to you and deepens intimacy.   

Be patient during tough times

The one thing for sure about hard times is that they don’t last forever. So when things are hard, or you’re having disagreements, conflicts, and issues with one another, be patient and have a big heart. Such things are a part of life and marriage. So, be patient and kind with yourself and your spouse as you work through challenges. 

Don’t do what comes natural 

It’s natural to want to pull back and shy away from tough situations with your spouse because you’ve either been hurt or don’t want to get hurt. But to unlock your best marriage, you must face the situation and work to improve things. Any other course of action withers your relationship over time.

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