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4 Must-listen To Audiobooks for Married Couples

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4 Must-listen To Audiobooks for Married Couples

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Staying married is no easy feat. Factors like emotional withdrawal can predict divorce, and the average couple waits six years before seeking help for marital problems. To prevent minor issues from snowballing into insurmountable ones, married couples can engage in shared learning activities, such as reading, to foster an honest and communicative environment. This op-ed says that couples reading sessions can help you and your spouse enjoy one another’s presence instead of scrolling on your phones.

Today, thanks to audiobooks, you can enjoy literature together without the distraction of a screen. Titles centered on nurturing or repairing marriages can provide immense value for couples. With the wide selection of audiobooks from Everand, partners can dive deep into wellness issues that matter, like cultivating healthy relationships and hacking the mind for happiness.

Foundational titles like Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages and iconic guides like John Gray’s Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus help build an informed foundation for lasting marriage.

Reading together allows you to exchange perspectives, iron out points of disagreement, and ultimately spend quality time that strengthens your relationship. To foster your couples’ reading habit (and learn about yourself and your spouse along the way), here are four more titles to queue up:

The 4 Habits of Joy-Filled Marriages: How 15 Minutes a Day Will Help You Stay In Love

Our “4 Key Life Lessons for a Happy Marriage” post discusses the importance of forgiveness and letting go to attain happiness. This book by Marcus Warner and Chris Coursey follows a similar four-tip format, focusing on the importance of producing consistent joy for a deeper relational bond. You’ll learn how a short time commitment per day can help you return to joyfulness after periods of disconnection and how to make joyful times last longer. By allotting these fifteen minutes daily, you both have a bonding activity to look forward to beyond work and the kids.

Secure Love: Create a Relationship That Lasts a Lifetime

Here’s one relationship hack from Gottman psychologists to predict marriage success: turning toward your partner rather than turning away, which encourages a secure and loving attachment. Similarly, this title, written by the expert behind the popular @TheSecureRelationship Instagram account, explores the nuances of developing such an attachment. It tackles why couples seem to have the same fight over and over, how to determine your attachment style, and how to improve communication to restore lost sexual connections. Julie Menanno serves as your audio therapist to help you emerge from negative cycles and create the secure attachment you both need.

How to Be the Love You Seek: Break Cycles, Find Peace, and Heal Your Relationships

Dr. Nicole LePera believes that the deepest suffering comes from ourselves: longstanding doubt, pain, and trauma create barriers that prevent you from loving deeply and fully. This title teaches you to identify unmet needs from previous relationships, which could be the source of current dysfunctional habits. It helps couples escape trauma bonds and find their way to compassionate and mutually respectful marriages. The journal prompts here can help you two look more intently at your respective childhoods and past experiences. Then, you can pinpoint patterns and create action plans for a healthily interdependent marriage.

Boundaries in Marriage: Understanding the Choices That Make or Break Loving Relationships

While marriage starts with a “yes,” never saying “no” can also be detrimental to your relationship. This audiobook by Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend reinforces the loving power of boundaries and how keeping healthy ones can protect you and your spouse as individuals. It provides actionable tips to help you set boundaries and respect those of your spouse. It also focuses on how to handle the outside “intruders” of your marriage. As you listen together, you and your partner will realize that boundaries are not limits; instead, they frame a better environment for your marriage to flourish.

Love is a choice we make every day. By making a daily commitment to read together, we can be a better, more loving, and more attentive spouse—and receive the same treatment. For more information, do visit the rest of Mad About Marriage.

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