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Three Ways To FEEL More Satisfied About Your Life Today

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Three Ways To FEEL More Satisfied About Your Life Today

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To be satisfied with your life is to be content.

When we’re not content, we start chasing after people, things, and experiences, hoping to feel satisfied.

Here are three healthy ways to feel more satisfied and content in life without losing yourself in yet another meaningless chase.  

Move Your Body to Fuel Your Mind & Soul

There’s more to exercise than staying in shape.

Physical activity releases neurotransmitters that make you feel happy and floods your mind and body with oxygen. Physical activity boosts your mood and spirits. It brightens your perspective. Try it, and you’ll see. You’ll feel more confident, hopeful, positive, and in control of your life and destiny.

And if you make physical activity a regular, consistent part of your lifestyle, you’ll transform your body and energy. Start small if you have to but start and feel the difference physical activity makes. 

Shift Your Focus

You can focus on what you’ve lost or don’t have, or on what you have that money can’t buy.

What are some blessings in your life that you wouldn’t take any amount of money for? If someone offered you 10 million dollars for your health, would you give it to them?

If someone offered you twenty-five million dollars for your family and friends, would you sell them (well, maybe on some days :)? 

Your life is amazing in many ways, but you won’t appreciate your blessings and inner resources until you are grateful. 

Chasing after what you don’t have because you think it’ll make you happy only makes you feel worse—practice gratitude for the wonderful gifts you already have. Shift your focus from your burdens to your blessings by making a gratitude list of all the amazing skills, people, and things that you have in your life. Look at it often – maybe put it on the refrigerator or bathroom mirror as a constant reminder of how blessed you already are. 

Practice Being Calm and Centered by Reducing Stress

Stress and worry are enemies to contentment and peace.

How can you be content if you’re worried or dissatisfied all the time?

Take time each day for stress-relieving activities. It can be five minutes of meditation before leaving for work in the morning, listening to relaxing music, or laughing at your favorite comedian.

Take time for self-care every day.

One of the most effective things to reduce your stress is to take a minute or two to enjoy some slow, deep breathing to immediately feel centered and calm, especially when facing a stressful moment.

Another thing you can do is reach out to a friend. Call or text. See how they’re doing. Share an encouraging word. Brighten their day. 

No one will ever make you feel satisfied. Nothing can make you feel happy or content. But you can do this for yourself. You can give yourself the gifts of peace and contentment by practicing gratitude, releasing endorphins and neurotransmitters through exercise, and reducing stress through deep breathing and other self-care activities. 

A life of greater peace, satisfaction, contentment can be yours. Begin unlocking your best life today. 

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