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Suppressing Your Feelings?

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Suppressing Your Feelings?

On September 17, 2021, Posted by , In Emotional Health, With Comments Off on Suppressing Your Feelings?
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We are emotional creatures. We’re designed to feel and express emotions! So do you think it’s a good idea to suppress your feelings? No! Doing so can harm you physically and mentally.

Are You Bottling Up Your Emotions?

Bottling up your emotions increases stress levels, resulting in physical and mental illness and damaged relationships.

People who suppress their emotions are more likely to struggle with depression or alcohol and substance abuse. Some people develop an over-reliance on sleeping pills or opioid-type drugs to feel better. All this does is mask the symptoms and make things worse.

Express Your Feelings

Forget what you’ve been taught if your caregivers said to suppress your feelings because it’s a sign of emotional strength and character. There’s a difference between suppressing your feelings and taking charge of your feelings.

Some people still think that expressing emotions is similar to complaining or demonstrating a lack of self-control.

Suppressing emotions is harmful. Period.

Let Off Some Steam

People have different ways to let off steam (emotional regulation). Some turn to sports or working out at the gym; others enjoy meditation or hobbies to reduce stress. Some people pray or volunteer, cook, garden, or serve as a mentor. 

Find Someone Trustworthy

Sometimes all you need is someone trustworthy to talk to. Just make sure you’re not “dumping” on them, adding to their emotional stress. You want to share but not overshare; you don’t want to whine, complain, or play the victim.

If you want free reign to share your emotions, find a therapist; tell them everything that’s on your mind and heart.

Guard Your Well-being

Keeping your emotions inside takes a toll on your mental and physical wellbeing. Don’t make yourself ill by bottling up your feelings.

Take charge of your emotions by expressing your feelings appropriately and to the appropriate person, which could be a counselor or therapist. Work on improving your emotional health to unlock your best life.

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