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How To Have More Compassion In Your Marriage

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How To Have More Compassion In Your Marriage

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Imagine a world without compassion. What do you see? 

Are people happy? 

Do they enjoy their relationships? 

Do they have meaningful conversations with their partners? 

Do marriages last?

Without compassion, people have no consideration for how their actions make others feel. In a world without compassion, being right is more important than being kind. 

The Power of Compassion  

A little bit of compassion goes a long way in relationships.

Compassion is a combination of empathy, concern, understanding, kindness, and consideration. 

Compassion helps to create a more fulfilling relationship; there’s a lot less conflict and arguing too. 

Compassion can be a smile, a warm hug, words of encouragement, listening without judgment.

Knowing that your partner is always there for you and is ready to hold your hand, is a source of strength and emotional support; it can make all the difference in the world.

Compassion saves marriages.

Putting Your Partner’s Needs Before Your Own

Compassionate couples seldom fall into heated arguments because they make an effort to see things from each others perspective. 

They empathize with each other. 

They don’t lash out; they take things with a grain of salt.

They communicate.  

They strive to understand each other so they can help meet each other’s needs.  

A Safe Space

We feel free to be ourselves when we feel safe.

When we feel safe and are with someone we love and trust deeply, we feel free to be open and vulnerable.

Compassion creates a safe environment where both parties feel free to express their thoughts and desires.

They don’t feel the need to hold back because they know their partner will love them no matter what. 

There’s no buildup of resentment since there’s always a healthy and safe space for communication. 

Problems are dealt with properly; no one goes to sleep with a heavy heart. 

If you struggle with being compassionate, start by doing this simple activity with your partner. 

Find a quiet place and sit face-to-face. You don’t need to hold hands or anything, but you need to look into each other’s eyes. 

That’s all. Just gaze into each other’s eyes for a few minutes.

The eyes are the window to the soul. 

You will learn so many things about your partner through this simple activity. Plus, it encourages feelings of compassion. It’s okay if you find yourself tearing up a bit; it can be emotional.

As you and your partner hold that space for each other, each of you will learn how to empathize and be more compassionate with each other. 

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