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3 Tips On How NOT To Be A Suspicious Partner

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3 Tips On How NOT To Be A Suspicious Partner

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People who say relationships are easy probably 1) have never been in one, or 2) are lying to you.

Not that we’re being pessimistic here, but relationships require so much effort from both parties involved. Whether it be platonic, romantic, or professional, people need to put in the work to make the relationship, well, work.

One of the important elements in any relationship is trust.

Trust inspires people to give everything they have in the relationship because they’re confident that their partners will have their backs no matter what.

When you know your partner trusts you, you feel free, and this freedom gives you the courage to pursue your dreams and become the person you were destined to be.

According to Stephen Kendrick, author of The Love Dare, “Love chooses to believe the best about people.” That’s why we choose to enter into a commitment with them in the first place. We see things in them that we like, so we decide to keep them in our lives for a long time.

The book’s quote also emphasizes the importance of trusting our partner even when something doesn’t sit well with us.

It doesn’t mean that we should turn a blind eye on the truth, but rather, choose to listen to our partner’s side of the story before passing judgment when the situation presents itself. We know this is easier said than done, that’s why we listed some tips that might help you:

Suspend Judgment

It’s difficult to see things clearly when emotions are high. It’s easy to blurt out things that are difficult to take back, so do your best to suspend judgment before doing anything.

If someone tells you something about your partner, take it with a grain of salt. Look at things objectively, and assess if your partner is indeed capable of doing such things. You can start thinking about what your next steps will be once you have all the information you need.

Try to be Understanding

We are not perfect; our partner isn’t either.

If the conversation reveals that our partner is guilty, strive to see things from their perspective.

What’s their reason for doing it?

What was going through their heads when they did it?

Are they apologetic about it?

This step is never easy, so if you feel the need to ask for some space while processing things, know that you have every right to.

It’s also important to note that being understanding doesn’t equate to being numb. You’re allowed to feel things. The only thing that’s being asked of you is to have an open mind and try to see things from your partner’s perspective.

Create Room for Forgiveness

Fights and misunderstandings can put a dent in a relationship. When these are not addressed immediately, these dents can eventually grow bigger and deeper until they become irreparable.

It’s critical for both parties to be given ample space to explain themselves and to be listened to during arguments. This will keep grudges and resentment at bay, and create more room for forgiveness. Of course, this doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye. Both parties need to give each other space until both are ready to forgive.

A little bit of trust can go a long way. When people feel that their partner trusts them, they’re inspired to do everything they can to make their significant other feel loved, cherished and valued. They become even more determined to give their best for them, and be fully invested in the relationship.

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