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How Covid-19 is Hurting Families

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How Covid-19 is Hurting Families

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Domestic violence is on the rise as families struggle with self-sheltering.

(By the way, domestic violence also includes verbal and emotional abusiveness; it’s more than physical abuse.)

Fear, worry, concern, loss, financial stress, close quarters, and more, are straining families. Here are ways to reduce the pressure and stress on your family right now:

Talk about the situation…

Talking is a healthy way of dealing with emotional stress. Discuss the crisis with your family, and why it’s important to self-shelter and take precautions.

Also, if you’re feeling frustrated, irritated, annoyed, or anxious and feel that some alone time will do the trick, tell your family that you need a few minutes to yourself. Put on your headphones and listen to some music, if nothing else.

Check-in with texts and video calls…

I wonder if we realize how fortunate we are to have so much technology at our disposal.

You can stay in touch with your loved ones no matter where they are via texts and video calls. You can even do group video calls.

Isolation doesn’t mean disconnection.

Play online games together…

Use this chance to reconnect in a fun way by playing games together online with family and friends.

Start a family project from a distance…

A family project gives you something to talk about and build together. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Maybe it’s starting a YouTube channel, blogging, experimenting with a new business, or working on your genealogical tree.

Start planning your next (or first) family adventure…

Where’s someplace you’d like to vacation in the next six-twelve months? Or an adventure you’d like to take?

Planning something together makes family members feel loved and a part of something; plus, it’s fun.

Affirm each other’s goals and dreams…

Consider having a conversation about what’s important to each of you. Don’t judge. Encourage each other to come up with some exciting dreams or goals, and discuss how you can support each other.

You might even make a vision board. Being involved in each other’s lives builds a strong bond, as long as you accept and support each other.

Forgive, heal, grow…

Have you considered using this time to forgive and let go of past hurts?

Maybe these next few weeks can be a time of healing for your soul. Be careful, though, because with tensions running high, this might not be the best time to discuss personal wounds and hurts.

Be wise. It’s your call. The last thing you want is to make things worse.

Although there’s much beyond your control right now, you can decide how you will respond these next few weeks to the pressures and demands this crisis is placing on you and your family.

If nothing else, these trying times offer a glimpse into our character, giving us the opportunity to improve certain areas of our lives, starting with our family.

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