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How To Make Life At Home Less Stressful During Covid-19

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How To Make Life At Home Less Stressful During Covid-19

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Life at home is stressful these days as millions of families self-shelter to stay safe from COVID-19.

But is there anything you can do to make it a little bit easier (and by “easier” I mean not lose your sanity)?


It’s pretty simple, actually. Be considerate (1 Peter 3:7).

How to Be More Considerate In The Weeks Ahead…

Put yourself in their shoes…

Take a minute to ask yourself:

How is this situation affecting my spouse and loved ones?

How do they feel?

What are they going through?

What stresses and fears do they struggle with?

By putting yourself in their shoes, you’ll be more patient, kinder, and more empathic.

Anticipate their needs…

What are some needs you think your spouse or family might have that you can take care of without being prompted, nagged or asked?

Can you help keep things disinfected around the house?

Are there any meals you can prepare, go get or have delivered?

Could you do laundry, or take turns tutoring the kids with their distance-learning classes?

What can you do to pitch-in and ease the tension?

Apologize for being a tad bit irritable…

Part of being considerate is apologizing when you hurt someone’s feelings.

It shows you care and want to heal any hurt or pain you’ve caused.

We’ve all been there. Who hasn’t said something they regret, especially now when people are on edge and their nerves are frayed?

When you apologize, take responsibility for your actions; don’t blame your spouse or family.

Don’t justify or rationalize (even though being cooped up for weeks on end in close quarters certainly counts as a justifiable reason :).

Don’t be a punching bag…

Although the coming weeks will be difficult in many ways, remember that being considerate doesn’t mean you’re required to be someone’s verbal or emotional punching bag.

Being considerate is about being unselfish, and caring as much about your spouse’s needs and feelings as you do for your own.

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