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How to Keep The Fire Burning

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How to Keep The Fire Burning

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Marriage is awesome!

That being said, there can be times when burdens, cares and disappointments might send thoughts of separation or divorce flashing through one’s mind for a split second.

Every marriage faces its share of struggles.

But this doesn’t mean the relationship has to end.

So if you feel that your love is struggling or has lost its fire, then consider these steps to breathe new life, warmth and intimacy back into your relationship.

1. Forgive.

Face it, every couple has arguments and fights. Which is why forgiveness and acceptance are essential and necessary in preventing hostility from taking up permanent residence within the relationship.

Nobody is perfect – not even you. So be quick to say “I’m sorry.”

Couples must cultivate a spirit of forgiveness and understanding if they want to have a relationship that is filled with peace and harmony.

2. Be respectful and honest.

Open and honest communication is essential for a marriage to flourish.

So show your appreciation, even for the littlest things done for you. And discuss problems openly instead of keeping them from each another. This strengthens your relationship and facilitates intimacy.

Talk. Don’t make assumptions or “read” each others’ minds. Engage in enjoyable conversation like old times.

3. Laugh together.

Find reasons to smile and laugh each day. It can be as simple as watching a funny movie together or telling a joke.

Laughter heals.

4. Make decisions together.

Decisions need to be made together in a marriage especially when it comes to money, disciplining the children and even with mundane things like the household chores.

A couple should work together as partners.

Marriage isn’t about who wins or loses. It is mutual cooperation that seeks to build a strong home and family. So be flexible and ready to compromise.

5. Focus on being romantic.

You can create intimacy through small actions such as saying “thank you” and “I love you” or buying a thoughtful gift.

6. Make your husband or wife feel valued and wanted.

Don’t take each others’ needs for granted. Let each other know what you love most about the other. Remind each other from time to time what attracted you to your mate.

Marriage is a daily celebration of the new life that you and your spouse created by falling in love and committing yourselves to each other for life.

You created a new world. So take care of it, protect it, nurture and cherish it…and watch your love last forever.

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