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The Three C’s of Happy Marriage

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The Three C’s of Happy Marriage

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There are three main things that happily married couples do to maintain a healthy relationship. They are committed, communicate well and aren’t afraid to compromise. These are the three C’s of happy marriage.


Happily married people are not just committed, they’re also more than happy to demonstrate that commitment. They’re not afraid to share a meaningful “I love you” and tell their wives and husbands how much they mean to them.

This sounds really simple but way too many couples fall short in this area.

Think about it, when was the last time you told your spouse that you’re happy to have him or her in your life? Or, left them a loving message just to brighten their day? – birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day don’t count.

Constantly demonstrating your commitment to your spouse makes them feel safe, loved and cared for. It’s also goes a long way to ease the pressures of everyday life.


Marriage is about give and take. You can’t have a healthy marriage if you walk all over your partner or allow them to walk all over you.

True love doesn’t coerce, manipulate, or dominate. It gives and supports in warmth and kindness.

Both of you have wants, hopes and dreams, and you should support each other in their pursuit. It all about setting aside your ego and striving for a good balance between what you want and what your spouse wants.


You probably knew this was coming but I left it for last because it’s arguably the most important “C.”

Happy couples communicate. It what enables them to weather storms, resolve issues, and stay connected year after year. It also keeps them intimate and fills their relationship with warmth.

What are your conversations with your spouse like? Are they filled with loving, kind and supportive words?

Are they intimate, deep and personal? Or are they simply about facts like the weather?

Do you genuinely enjoy talking to each other or is your time together filled with awkward silence?

If you’re communicating pretty well already, keep doing what you’re doing. However, if you are having trouble establishing healthy communication, here are some tips.

But if you are communicating pretty well already, then simply focus on communicating better by doing more of the good things that you are already doing.

  • Talk about issues as soon as they arise, while they are still small and easily manageable.
  • Be open and honest about your feelings.
  • Don’t let anger and conflict fester.
  • See a marriage counselor and get the tools you need to communicate better.

Practicing the three C’s keeps you mad about marriage instead of being just mad. So don’t stop communicating, expressing your commitment, and compromising.

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