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Going to Church Can Save Your Christian Marriage

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Going to Church Can Save Your Christian Marriage

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The results are in! Going to church together improves your marriage and greatly reduces the likelihood of divorce.

A study on divorce in the church reveals that regular church attendance makes a Christian marriage more stable and satisfying. This results in lower divorce rates for Christian couples who attend the same church and have similar religious beliefs.

The divorce rate among couples who go to church together is between 15 and 20 percent. This is great news considering 50 percent of all marriages in the US end in divorce.

How Going to Church Improves Your Marriage

There are three ways in which going to church improves your marriage.

First, praying for your marriage and your spouse relieves stress and gives you peace which in turn results in greater marital satisfaction. There is a certain sense of security that comes from knowing that you can always talk to God about your marriage and that he’s always listening.

Praying together builds emotional intimacy which has a direct effect on marital satisfaction. Praying for each other, on the other hand, can make you more selfless, grateful and forgiving, all of which are necessary for a happy marriage.

Couples who attend the same church also benefit from the marital guidance offered by the church.  They are taught to mold their marriages after the relationship between Jesus Christ and the church. This gives them something to aspire to and motivates them to improve their marriages.

Lastly, many couples who attend the same church also minister or serve together.  There are few things more intimate than ministering or working on a service project with your spouse. Couples who do this experience a deeper level of emotional intimacy that comes from having an unselfish determination to serve others.

However, the benefits of serving together as a couple go beyond bonding and practicing selflessness.  Ministering or serving together also helps Christian couples to grow in their faith. This deepens their spiritual intimacy and gives them a chance to create many special memories together.

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