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Want a Happy Marriage? Don’t Be Boring!

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Want a Happy Marriage? Don’t Be Boring!

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Think of the people you enjoy being around. Why do you like them?

Now think of the people you most definitely DO NOT enjoy being around. Why? Of the many reasons, is one of them because they are boring to you?

Truth is, they might be the most fascinating person on earth to someone else, but to you? Not so much.

There’s an old adage in Hollywood that goes something like this: Be anything but don’t boring.

How Interesting Are You?

Now here’s where it gets a little personal. How interesting do you think you are to your spouse? Does he or she think you’re boring? I realize this can be uncomfortable to discuss but we need to talk about it anyway because it’s important to the health and happiness of your marriage.

Here’s the truth of the matter: You owe it to your spouse to be an interesting person.

Falling into a rut, slipping into sterile routines, or being mind-numbingly predictable, are all choices. So choose differently. Trust me when I tell you that your spouse enjoys interesting people – and he or she would like for you to be one of the most interesting people in their life.

Take This Challenge

Challenge yourself to be an interesting person.

Open your mind. Open your heart. Investigate. Explore. Question. Laugh. Go on adventures. Make memories. Live in awe.

If all you and your spouse ever talk about is the weather, where you can find the best gas prices, sales and sports, then you’re in trouble.

Read. Know what’s going on in the world. Make new discoveries. Be awake. Be fully alive.

Most of all, strive to be interesting.

What You And Your Spouse Must Do

If you think there’s an opportunity to improve this aspect of your marriage, then I invite you to accept the responsibility for intellectually stimulating your spouse; you must grow together mentally, as-well-as emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Share any Hobbies? Do you and your spouse do anything together (outside of the bedroom)? What do you have in common? If you’re having trouble thinking of something, then what are some things you think you could have in common if you just gave it a little thought?

What are some physical things you enjoy? Could it be hiking, swimming, scuba diving, kite boarding or gardening?

What are some intellectually-stimulating hobbies you might enjoy together? Maybe photography, painting, music?

What are some spiritual things you could enjoy together? Could it be attending a faith community group together? Volunteering? Teaching a Bible class for kids, or singing in the choir?

What are some fun things you think you might enjoy doing together? Seeing a movie, a play, a concert, going to a book club, golfing? Anything?

What were some of the things you did when you were dating? Maybe you should enjoy them again.

Enrich Each Other

Strive to enrich each other in some way. Share your experiences, make special memories, do interesting things.


Demonstrate that you love life; do whatever you can to NOT be boring.

Share life and choose to make your marriage an exciting adventure.

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