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How Strong is Your Marriage? – Relationship Test

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How Strong is Your Marriage? – Relationship Test

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As a married couple, you should evaluate your relationship regularly. It helps you to know how strong your relationship with your spouse is and motivates you to fix the things that aren’t working.

To evaluate your relationship, you need a good understanding of what a strong relationship is. It’s not as simple as taking a relationship test on the internet.

For starters, a strong marriage does not mean that everything is going well. You can have a strong marriage and still be going through a rough patch. Here are some of the factors that make a marriage strong.


You can’t have a strong marriage without trust. The happiest couples trust and are completely vulnerable with each other. They also do not keep secrets from each other.


Teamwork is an important part of married life. Both parties need to feel that they’re not alone and that their partner has their back no matter what. They need to feel respected, cared about and needed.

The way you approach problems can tell you whether you and your spouse are a team. Do you fight endlessly over an issue or do you come together and figure out a plan to fix it?


Couples who love and trust each other are emotionally and physically intimate with each other. Therefore, the level of intimacy in marriage is a good indicator of its strength. If there’s no intimacy in a relationship, it’s probably because there’s an issue somewhere else.


A couple’s ability to forgive each other and completely let go of resentment says a lot about the state of the relationship. A marriage cannot be strong if the people involved are full of resentment towards each other. So, ask yourself if you have any built up resentment towards your spouse.

Conflict Resolution

How honest are you with each other when something bothers you? Strong couples express their feelings clearly and respectfully and then work through their problems together. Once that’s done, they consider it resolved and make a conscious effort to move on.

Taking a relationship test on the internet may seem like the easiest way to evaluate your marriage, but unless that test is written by a professional, you won’t learn a whole lot from it. It’s much more effective to evaluate different aspects of your married life such as trust, teamwork and conflict resolution and come to your own conclusion about your marriage. This way, you’ll know what you need to work on for a happy marriage.

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