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Being Friends and Lovers – Married Life

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Friendship is one of the basic building blocks of a happy marriage, and spouses should strive to be just as much friends as they are lovers. The relationship between a husband and wife should go beyond intimacy in marriage; the two should like each other as people and have shared interests because these are the things that hold them together when married life gets rocky.

Are You And Your Spouse Friends?

There many ways to know if you and your spouse are just as much friends as you are lovers. The first sign is always treating each other with kindness and respect even when you’ve fallen out.  When you are friends with someone, you do all you can to avoid hurting them even when you are angry at them. Things like name-calling and put downs are completely out of the question.

Another sign of friendship is keeping your spouse’s confidence and never using their fears and insecurities to hurt them. Friends handle each other’s vulnerabilities with care, and they would never use them to win an argument.

Friends also support each other in the things that are important to them. They will tag along and genuinely make an effort to enjoy each other’s hobbies and interests even when they would rather be somewhere else. They ask questions, genuinely listen to each other’s dreams and interests and encourage each other to pursue those dreams and interests.

Spouses who are friends are very eager to hear what the other did during the day. Asking about their partner’s day is not just another part of married life; they genuinely want to know what the other was up to when they were apart.

Some of the longest lasting marriages are the ones where the spouses are each other’s best friends. The partnership that they share, over and above romantic love, is what enables them to create a happy marriage and enjoy the benefits of married life. All married couples should strive to bring all the above aspects of friendship into their marriages.

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