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Communication in Marriage: My Partner is All Talk and No Action

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Communication in Marriage: My Partner is All Talk and No Action

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Everyone knows that communication in marriage is the secret to a happy and long married life. However, all that communication must be backed by some action otherwise it’s all in vain.

If your partner talks a good game but does not come through when you need him, you know exactly what I mean. Your partner may not think that saying he’ll mow the loan or take out the trash and then failing to do it is a big deal, but it makes you feel like you can’t rely on them. This makes you feel unsafe and like you can’t let your guard down.

To deal with issue, you need to understand why your spouse may be making promises and then failing to deliver.

Your Partner Wants to Keep You Happy

Most people genuinely want to please their spouses and stay out of the doghouse. Therefore, they sometimes say “yes” even when they don’t really mean it just to avoid marital problems.

Knowing this can help you realize that your partner is only trying to avoid upsetting you and has no malicious intentions. This can help dissipate some of the anger and disappointment you feel.

Make it Easier for Your Partner to Say “No”

When you’re dealing with someone who is afraid to say “no”, you need to make it okay for them to say it. This means inviting them to tell you when they don’t want to do something.

Don’t cry, get angry or give your spouse the silent treatment if they say “no” to you. Doing so will only discourage from being honest in communication in marriage.

Evaluate your Expectations

The higher your expectations for your partner, the more afraid they are to disappoint you. The best way to determine whether your expectations are reasonable is to ask yourself if you’d be able to live up to them if the tables were turned.

Your partner needs to feel like they can be themselves. If they are not being themselves around you, it’s time to ask yourself whether your expectations are too high.

Communication in marriage is nothing if it’s not backed by actions. If your spouse often promises things but they don’t come through, it might be because they feel they can’t say no to you. Reevaluate your expectations and try to make it easier for them to tell your how they really feel.

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