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Navigating Cultural Differences in Marriage – Advice for Newlyweds

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Navigating Cultural Differences in Marriage – Advice for Newlyweds

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Dealing with cultural differences in a new marriage is a lot easier when you are armed with the right marriage advice for newlyweds. Here is some of that advice

Intercultural marriages have become commonplace in today’s society. It is no longer out of the ordinary for people of different ethnicities and nationalities to marry. However, it goes without saying that cultural differences add an extra layer of challenges to marriage. If you are in an intercultural marriage, you need more than regular marriage advice for newlyweds to succeed. You need advice on how to navigate your differences and keep them from becoming hindrances.

Prioritize your spiritual identity

Prioritizing your identity in Christ over your ethnicities and backgrounds, allows you to see each other as Christ sees you. It helps you to realize that you are the same in Christ and your cultural differences are not that important after all.

Know what’s important to your spouse

If something is important to your spouse, it should be important to you as well. For instance, if your spouse values extended family, they should be important with you as well.

It is also your duty to let your spouse know what is important to you. If hospitality is extremely important in your culture, don’t assume that it is as important in your spouse’s culture as well; communicate.

Always give your spouse the benefit of the doubt

You’ve probably heard this piece of marriage advice for newlyweds before but you may not realize how important it is in intercultural marriages. You should always refrain from assuming the worst of your spouse. If your spouse does something that you do not understand, bring it up to them and give them a chance to explain it from their perspective.

Ignore stereotypes

Stereotypes should not dictate what you think of your partner – especially in interracial relationships. You need to get to know them as an individual and then let their personality inform your opinion of them.  Also, it is in your best interest to ignore all marriage advice for newlyweds that is rooted in stereotypes.


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