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How to Come Up With Good Gift Ideas for Your Wife or Husband

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How to Come Up With Good Gift Ideas for Your Wife or Husband

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Finding the perfect gift for your wife or husband isn’t necessarily hard, but it requires a bit of research and creativity. You can’t just go with the first thing that comes to your mind; you need good gift ideas that show your spouse that you actually put some thought into it.

Find out what he or she wants

  • The easiest way to find out what your partner wants is to simply ask them. However, you can’t do that if you are trying to surprise them so you need to come up with creative ways of finding out what they want.
  • Past conversations are always a great place to start. Try to think of something that your spouse has been asking for, mooning over or complaining about.  The more recent the conversation, the better- because preferences and styles change rapidly.
  • If you can’t come up with good gift ideas from past conversations, get your spouse to give you hints. Ask them to go to the mall with you and take note of anything that peaks their attention. You can ask casual questions so as to get a better idea of what they want. If you can’t get them to go the mall, get them to look through a magazine or catalogue with you.
  • Hobbies and interests are another good bet. For instance, a new set of golf clubs would make a wonderful gift for someone who likes to play golf, and a gourmet cooking class would make a wonderful gift for someone who loves cooking. However, if you can’t think of anything related to your spouse’s hobbies, get him or her a gift certificate to a related store.
  • Checking your wife’s or husband’s social media posts can help you come up with creative gift ideas. So get on your computer and snoop a little.

Add a little twist to it

You can make your gift extra special by adding a little twist or creativity to it. Here are a couples of ideas.

  • Presentation can make or break your gift. Saying “hey, I got you something,” is fine, but you can always make the gift extra special by turning it into a treasure hunt. Hide the gift and leave little clues around the house.
  • Combining gifts can also make them extra special.  For instance, a new dress is a great gift but combining it with a gift certificate to the spa or a wonderful dinner turns it into an exceptional gift.
  • Homemade gift ideas are a great way to get brownie points for creativity. For instance, you can give gift certificates for massages, home cooked meals and candle lit dinners

Coming up with good gift ideas for your wife or husband will be a lot easier if you follow these tips.

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