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Marriage Tips: Making Time for Each Other After Having Kids

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Marriage Tips: Making Time for Each Other After Having Kids

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Married couples tend to feel a bit disconnected after having kids. This is because most of their time and energy is directed towards the kids.  While some couples are better than others at making time for each other even after having kids, most couples need could use some marriage tips.

Spend Time Together After Baby

Take advantage of weekends

Most parents spend their weekends catching up on chores and appointments.  While it is important to get all these things done, it is also important to do something fun together during the weekends. For example, you can go to a kid-friendly park or event and spend time together while the kids play.

A few minutes everyday

Most married couples are able to spend at least a few minutes together every day. However, many of them don’t know how to make those few minutes feel special and more like quality time. The trick is to come up with couple’s rituals that you can do during those few minutes together – like taking a walk, working out or having a cup of coffee together. In addition, to daily rituals, you can also have other special routines such as movie night or take-out night.

During the day

You don’t have to wait until evening to spend time with your spouse. You can spend time together during the day; you just need to be creative. For instance, you can commute to work together or have lunch together. There’s nothing like a relaxing conversation with your spouse in the middle of the day.

Date Night

Date nights are still one of the best ways to spend quality time with your spouse. This is why they are mentioned in most articles offering marriage tips or advice.

Unfortunately, many couples avoid date nights because they require a bit of planning – i.e. finding a babysitter and a night when you are both available. The best thing is to schedule date nights a few weeks before hand so that you have enough time to find a baby sitter and plan the date – without pressure.

When you have kids, you need to make a conscious effort to spend time with your spouse.  If you don’t, you might find yourself needing marriage tips on how to reconnect with your partner.

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