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How to Save Your Relationship by Reconnecting With Your Spouse

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How to Save Your Relationship by Reconnecting With Your Spouse

Have you and your spouse grown apart?

Are you wondering how to save your relationship and get back to the way things were?

Most working couples with kids find it hard to balance the demands of being loving partners and parents with those of being good employees. Sadly, when life gets in the way, marriage almost always ends up on the back burner.  Within no time, the couple to starts to drift apart into separate lives and intensity of the relationship fades away. They may realize that they are growing apart but not know what to do about it.

How to Reconnect with your Spouse

Break the ice

Even if you and your spouse have grown apart, you can’t spend all your time thinking about how to win her back or how to get him back. Sooner or later, you are going to have to break the ice and reopen the lines of communication. However, you don’t have to say a thing if you don’t want to. Just walk over to your spouse and give them a hug, hold their hand or give them a pat on the back. Doing so shows your spouse that the two of you still share a special connection, which you are willing to nurture.

Find something positive to talk about

Even though you have reopened the lines of communication, don’t talk about your marital problems just yet. Find something positive to talk about. Comment about how nice the weather is or compliment your spouse. Keep in mind that it’s better to talk about the weather than to give insincere compliments. If you can find humor in the situation, go for it; laugh your way to a better marriage.

Rebuild trust

Once you are at ease with each other again, you can begin to rebuild the trust. Start by communicating and spending time with each other more regularly. Set aside at least 10 minutes every day to talk to each other about your day, dreams, fears, anxieties and, most importantly, your expectations. To rebuild trust, you must learn how to be vulnerable with each other again.

Seek marriage counseling

Many married couples don’t consider drifting apart to be a major marital problem and will not seek counseling for it. Unfortunately, this only makes the situation worse. Feeling disconnected from each other leads to more arguments and greater marriage problems – such as lack of trust – that could have been avoided if you had sought counseling when you first started to drift apart. Counseling gives you tips on how to save your relationship and how to reconnect with your spouse.

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