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Surviving the First Year of Marriage – Advice for Newlyweds

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Surviving the First Year of Marriage – Advice for Newlyweds

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Marriage is tougher today than ever before. Newlyweds are facing some scary odds and they need all the help they can get to make their marriages last.

There is no shortage of marriage advice out there.  However, not all marriage advice is good advice for newlyweds.  There are some marital problems that are unique to the early stages of marriage when the couple is just staring to lay a foundation for their marriage.

Marriage Tips for surviving First Year

Keep your expectations in check

You are not perfect and neither is the world around you. There are always going to be external forces influencing your marriage such as jobs, finances, friends and family. Don’t expect the first year to be married bliss. You have to first figure out how to deal with these external forces and keep them from affecting your marriage.

Lay a good foundation for communication in the marriage

Learn to be upfront and honest with your spouse. Let them know exactly what you want or expect from them. You may have discussed chores, kids and finances during courtship but if reality doesn’t look anything like what you discussed, you’ll need to recommunicate your expectations to your spouse.

Pick your battles

Although the above advice for newlyweds says to communicate openly with your partner, you must also pick your battles. Constant complaining about small things can set a negative tone for the marriage. It can make your wife or husband feel like they can’t do anything right in your eyes and stop trying. The best way to decide whether to bring up a certain issue is to ask yourself, “I’m a going to remember or be bothered by this tomorrow?” If the answer is yes, bring it up.

Show gratitude

Show appreciation for the things your spouse does for you even if they are his or her responsibility. Just because they are ‘supposed to’ do those things doesn’t mean they do not deserve a simple ‘thank you’.

There is a lot of advice for newlyweds out there and it can get confusing. The above marriage tips are a great starting point for newlywed couples who are looking for a few key principles to help them lay a strong foundation for their marriage.

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