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6 Key Principles of a Happy Marriage

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6 Key Principles of a Happy Marriage

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Every married couple wants a happy marriage. No couple goes into marriage expecting it to end in divorce. However, wanting a happy marriage is not enough. Couples must put in work to “divorce-proof” their marriage.

How to make your marriage work


If a marriage is to succeed, both parties must be willing forgive each other as many times as necessary. Forgiveness in marriage should be unconditional and offer a fresh start with a clean slate. Past hurts and offences must not be dragged into the future.


Marriage is all about serving one another in love and fulfilling each other’s deepest needs. Every married person should have a servant’s heart and be willing to do things for their spouse unconditionally and without expecting anything back.


Marriage is like a marathon. You must be willing to persevere through marital problems. A crisis doesn’t mean that the marriage is over. In fact, the trials of life are what make marriages strong. There is no use going into marriage and then bailing at the first sign of trouble.

Protect your marriage

There are many threats to marriage today. As a married person, it is your duty to guard your marriage from outside interference. Ask God to build a wall of protection between your marriage and the outside world.

Celebrate your marriage

Your marriage is a gift, and it should be celebrated. When you spend time together enjoying and celebrating your marriage, you become emotionally, spiritually and physically closer. Looking at your love and relationship as a gift also helps you to stay positive regardless of whether you are in an unhappy or happy marriage.

Renew your love

When you are married, you should engage in fun-filled activities that remind you why you fell in love with each other as often as possible. Having fun with your spouse renews and strengthens your bond. After all, it is hard to stay mad at your spouse when you are having fun with them.

Although there are many more keys to a happy marriage, the above six relationship tips are a good place to start. Once you nail the above six principles, marital happiness will come naturally.

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