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How to Build Trust in a Relationship

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How to Build Trust in a Relationship

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Trust is the bedrock of any marriage. However, trust in a relationship isn’t just about staying faithful to your partner. It is a combination of honesty, loyalty, integrity and respect, which inspires confidence and faith in your partner. In order to build trust in your marriage, you must learn how to be trustworthy.

Be Trustworthy

To be trustworthy, you need to be:

  • Predictable – Although surprises are a good way to maintain passion and excitement in marriage, they shouldn’t be an everyday thing. Stability and uniformity in a marriage is what builds trust.  It sounds boring but the truth is that there is a sense of security that comes with being able to predict going to happen.
  • Reliable – Your spouse should be able to rely on you to do certain things at certain times. You should not get into the habit of disappointing your partner as this can diminish trust in a marriage.
  • A person of your word – If you are going to build an unshakeable bond with your spouse they should be able to trust whatever comes out of your mouth. You should mean what you say and avoid lying, especially to your spouse.
  • Upfront and forthcoming – You cannot hide anything from your spouse. If you try and your spouse catches you – and they will – you’ll be looking for tips on how to regain trust.  So save yourself some time and just be upfront your spouse about everything. Also, tell your spouse what your needs are. Keeping them guessing is bad as it puts them in a position where they do not know what to do for you in order to make you happy. It is difficult for them to trust you when they do not know whether they are meeting your needs.
  • A Confidant – You are your spouse’s confidant and whatever happens in your marriage or whatever your spouse says in confidence should stay between the two of you. Telling other people what your partner has shared with you within the confines of your relationship is a definite breach of trust in a relationship.
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