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Are You Spending Enough Quality Time With Your Spouse?

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Are You Spending Enough Quality Time With Your Spouse?

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Quality time isn’t about proximity but about undivided attention. For instance, watching TV together might not really count as spending quality relationship time together because you are not giving each other your undivided attention.

Quality relationship time is a powerful communicator of love, and it brings a unique sense of closeness and togetherness.   However, how do you know whether you are spending enough time alone with your spouse?  You know you are not spending enough time with your spouse if they start saying things like “you never have time for me” or “you are always tired.” These statements are a sure sign that your spouse would like more attention from you.  Failing to fulfill this need can lead to marital problems.

3 Ways to Spend More Quality Time with Your Spouse

  • Schedule time together

The only way to ensure that you spend enough time with your spouse is to schedule time together. Don’t assume that because you live together, you will naturally spend time together. Life tends to get in the way of that.

When scheduling time with your spouse, you may realize that you need to streamline your schedules. For instance if you pick Friday night as your date night, both of you might have to reschedule whatever it is you have scheduled on Friday night.  If you wait until you both have a free slot in your schedules, you may never spend time together.

  • Make the most of your time together

While scheduling time to be with your spouse is a great idea, it is not the easiest thing to do. Sometimes, you just have to take advantage of whatever time you have together during the course of the week. One way to do this is to do chores together. Instead of leaving your spouse to do the dishes after dinner alone, join in on the fun and use that time to have a meaningful conversation.  Alternatively, you can purpose to spend 10 minutes together every day before bed.

  • Find a shared interest

Having a shared interest is a great way to meet each other’s need for recreational companionship. Therefore, if you and your spouse don’t already have a shared interest, try to find one. It can be as simple as playing tennis or volunteering together on the weekends. In doing this, you will benefit from the emotional closeness that comes with having a shared experience.

Quality time is an important love language that no couple should ignore. You should make an effort to spend more time together either by scheduling more time together, finding shared interests or simply making more of the time you already spend together.

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