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Secrets to Compatibility and Communication in Relationships

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Secrets to Compatibility and Communication in Relationships

How compatible are you and your spouse? Many married couples do not think it is necessary to figure out their compatibility. Unfortunately, being ignorant about your compatibility with regard to interests, careers, finances and communication in relationships can keep you from having a happy marriage. If you are married, you are obviously compatible with your partner in one way or another. However, you cannot agree on all issues. It is, therefore, extremely important to identify areas of incompatibility so that you can work on them.

Communication in relationships is an important part of compatibility. Communication styles vary from one person to the other. For instance, some people communicate based on their emotions while others communicate based on logic. Those who rely heavily on emotions may not pay as much attention to their words as those who rely on logic. On the other hand, those who rely heavily on logic may remain quiet in a situation where it is necessary to display emotion.

While neither style of communication is better than the other, conflict may arise if spouses are on different ends of the spectrum. The emotional communicator may feel frustrated by the logical communicator’s lack of emotion. Similarly, the logical communicator may feel frustrated by the emotional communicator’s lack of restraint. It is important for both parties to recognize this incompatibility and work towards striking a balance between the two communication styles. The emotional communicator may agree to exercise restraint, whereas the logical communicator may agree to communicate more freely.

Hobbies and interests are also an important part of compatibility. Having different hobbies and interests from your partner can create strife in marriage, whereas sharing hobbies and interests can foster closeness. Luckily, this type of incompatibility can easily be resolved by finding hobbies and interests that both parties can enjoy together. This is not to say that each party shouldn’t have his or her own individual interests. As long as both make time for mutual interests, there will be harmony in the marriage.

Finances and career are another sensitive part of relationships. Some people are risk takers while others are conservative, and having both extremes in a marriage can cause strife. One spouse may be comfortable having an unfulfilling career with high pay while the other spouse may be comfortable with a fulfilling career with low pay. If this is the case in your relationship, you’ll need to find a balance so as to avoid being frustrated with each other. Both of you should be willing to compromise and take a more moderate approach to career and finances. This calls for both of you to become conservative risk takers.

The key to managing incompatibility within a relationship is balance. No two people can be 100 percent compatible with regard to interests, careers, finances and communication in relationships. However, as long as both parties are willing to compromise, they’ll be one step closer to a healthy relationship.

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