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Set Your Inner Child Free with Games for Couples

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Set Your Inner Child Free with Games for Couples

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The inner child is an often forgotten fun and creative part of our personalities that enables us to have spontaneous fun, free from guilt and anxiety. Unfortunately, as we get older, the stress of life makes it harder for use to stay young at heart. We become too grown up and this sucks the fun right out of our lives.

Re-connecting with your inner child can be good for your marriage. Through games for couples, you can rekindle the spark in your relationship and begin having spontaneous fun with your spouse. It is a great way to loosen up, unwind and enjoy yourself with your spouse.

Fun Games for Couples

Truth or dare is a game that can help you and your spouse get to know each other better. The questions and dares should be framed positively and any matter that has the potential to make your spouse feel uncomfortable should be avoided. Focus more on finding out your spouse’s romantic desires.

Some fun truth or dare questions include “what physical feature do you like most about me?,”  “what your perfect date?” or “Where would you most like to visit?.” If your spouse prefers a dare, you can ask him or her to dance to a nursery rhyme like ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ or to perform some cliché romantic gestures such as standing outside your window playing a romantic song on a boom-box.

Play fighting and wrestling may sound childish but it can be a lot of fun for couples. There is nothing like close contact and heightened adrenaline to get you in the mood for intimacy. You can chase one another around your home and try to tackle one another. This will provoke laughter and joy with a twist of intimacy. A word of caution to the husband, be careful not to be too rough with your wife since you most likely have the height and weight advantages.

Tickling goes hand in hand with play fighting. It is a great way to stimulate laughter and show affection. Although tickling declines dramatically as we get older, we can always rekindle it with our spouses. The most ticklish areas are the underarms, waist, ribs, feet, knees, throat, neck, palms.

Role playing is one of the most popular games for couples.  It involves assuming a new personality or completely taking on a new role. Some popular roles include doctor/nurse, patient/nurse and boss/employee. There are very elaborate costumes for these roles. Alternatively, you can pretend not to know one another and act out your first encounter. Going back to the beginning of your relationship is always a good way to rekindle the spark and begin learning how to save a relationship.

Games for couples aren’t only fun but they can also be used to show love. They can help you unlock your inner child and have spontaneous and guilt-free fun.

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