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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 75: Board Games

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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 75: Board Games

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Board games for couples provide a fun way for couples to spend quality time together. They encourage conversation and allow players to put aside their thoughts and worries for a while and enjoy the game. Spouses also get the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company without spending much money.


Choosing Board Games for Couples

You should always keep your personalities in mind when you are selecting board games.  Some games have multiple complex rules which can be frustrating for people with short attention spans. Most people just want to have fun and would rather not spend time learning complex rules.

In addition, you should consider:

  • The amount of time required to complete a single game. Does the game go on for hours? Are you able to complete more than one game during the entire evening? It is up to the couple to select the game that suits them best depending on their levels of patience.
  • The number of rules in the game. If the rules are too many or too complicated choose another game.
  • Is the game confrontational in nature? The last thing you want when you are having relationship problems is to play a game that requires players to be confrontational In order to win.
  • Level of detail in the game. Does the game require a lot of attention to detail? Sometimes you just want to relax and don’t want to play a game that is mentally exhausting.


Fun Board Games for Couples


Scrabble is arguably the most played board game. In this game, players form words using letter tiles. Couples can make the game more exciting by spelling out romantic messages to each other.

Alternatively, at the beginning of the game, both players can write down a couple of romantic wishes that the other party will have to fulfill if they lose the game. This way both parties will be eager to win the game and get their romantic wishes fulfilled.


This is a dice-based game where players roll the dice and move the pieces across the board while counting. Since this game is a classic, most people already know the rules. This makes it perfect for a romantic game night. Portable versions of the game are available for use on picnics and vacations.


This classic game comes with a spinner and a plastic mat with different-colored circles. The players spin the dial and then move their hands and feet around the marked circles contorting their bodies into funny poses. Most of the time, this game ends in laughter as players succumb to the limitations of their bodies.

Other classic board games that are perfect for a couple’s game night include chess, checkers and cribbage.

Fun activities for couples are a great way to spice up a marriage. Board games are inexpensive and once you have bought them, you won’t need to invest any more money.

As a couple, you can set aside one night every week for board games and label it “game night”. Invite family members or other couples to join in every once in a while. Also, try out a different board game every week to avoid boredom.

If you are looking for advice on how to spice up your marriage, you should consider trying the above games for couples. As they say couples that play together, stay together.


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