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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 63: A Day at the Spa

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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 63: A Day at the Spa

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Staying home with the kids is a lot of fun but it is also exhausting. There are endless chores to be done and a stay at home mom rarely gets “me time”.

“Me time” is one of the best hidden secrets to a happy marriage. Everyone needs some time to relax and rejuvenate their strength. Unfortunately, many parents would never ask for “time off” from their children because it sounds selfish. This is wrong. Taking a break to relax makes you a better person and subsequently a better parent.

If your wife or husband hasn’t taken time-off from the kids in a long time, surprise him or her with a gift certificate to the spa.

Planning a Day at the Spa for a Stay at Home Mom

  • Find a quality spa near you

Before getting the gift certificate for your spouse, research the different facilities available in your area. The ‘day at the spa’ should ideally last about 4 hours. Therefore, do not pick a spa that is more than half an hour away as this will reduce the amount of time they get to spend at the spa.

The first place you should consider is your wife’s favorite salon. If she enjoys getting her nails done there, she might also enjoy getting a facial, massage and mud bath. Also, if she already goes there, it is highly likely that the place is within your budget.

If your partner doesn’t already have a favorite salon, look online for spas near you. Who knows, you might even find some discount or savings packages. Once you find the right spa, purchase a gift certificate and put it away in a place where your spouse is not likely to find it.

  • Find a baby sitter

If you are not available to watch the kids during your spouse’s day off, you will need to find a baby sitter. If your family members live nearby, ask them if they would be willing to baby sit on that day. Explain to them that you are planning a surprise for your spouse and they will probably be a lot more willing to help.

If you can’t find a sitter among your family members, ask some of your couple friends to recommend a baby sitter. It’s much easier than going to a babysitting service.  The trouble with such services is that you have to spend some time with the sitter before leaving them alone with your children. This could ruin the surprise you are planning.

  • Surprise!

Once you have everything ready, you can surprise your spouse. If it is her birthday or mother’s she is probably already expecting something special.  Give her the gift certificate the night before the spa day or on the morning of the spa day. This will give her enough time to prepare for the trip.

A day at the spa is a great way for a stay at home mom to unwind and relax. If your spouse spends a lot of time with the kids and hasn’t had time off in a long time, surprise him or her with a spa gift certificate today.

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