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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 22: That Kiss

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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 22: That Kiss

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When did you last give your wife or husband a passionate kiss for the sake of it and not as a prelude to love making?

Studies show that 20 percent of married couples kiss less than once a week and even when they do get around to kissing, their kisses only last five seconds or less. This is especially true married couples and those in long term relationships.

What’s in a Kiss

Kissing conveys mutual affection and love between a husband and wife. When you kiss your partner, your bodies release dopamine which brings about the sense of happiness and euphoria associated with romance. They also produce oxytocin which evokes feelings of contentment and reduces anxiety making you feel more relaxed and secure in your spouse’s presence.

Revive intimacy in marriage with a kiss

Married couples who do not share passionate kisses often are also likely to experience problems with intimacy. Ideally, you should kiss your spouse at least thrice daily; before leaving for work, when you get back from work and before you go to bed.

Make sure they are real kisses that last more than five seconds and not quick pecks. A real passionate kiss uses all 34 muscles of your face while a peck only uses two. Also always use your hands when giving a passionate kiss; you can cup your partners face, wrap your hands around their neck or rub their back.

Let your partner take the lead every once in a while so that they can show you how they like to be kissed. This makes for a more fulfilling relationship and you might also learn a thing or two from them.

Lastly, be present during the kiss and enjoy the moment. Clear your mind so that you do not have random thoughts crossing your mind while you are kissing your partner.

Passionate Kissing for Stress Relief

The deep connection that you feel when you share a good kiss with your partner can improve communication and relieve stress in your marriage. Studies show that couples who kiss regularly live longer. Similarly, couples who reserve passionate kisses for when they are making love are eight times more likely to suffer from stress and depression.

This week, purpose to enjoy a passionate kiss with your spouse at least thrice a day and see what it can do for your marriage.


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