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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 21: Make the Women Feel Good

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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 21: Make the Women Feel Good

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In marriage, it is one thing to say “I love my wife” and a whole other thing to be a loving husband.

Remember those vows that you made on your wedding day? To be a good husband, you need to be a man of your word and honor all the promises you made to your wife on your wedding day. For Christian husbands, the bible provides a guideline on how to be a loving husband. God commands husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the church.

Simple Ways to Love your Wife

Small, loving gestures

Small loving gestures  are a good way to let your wife know you are thinking about without spending a lot of money.

Such gestures include sacrificing a little time out of your busy schedule to take an evening walk with your wife or doing some other activity that she enjoys such as going to the gym.  If she has had a pretty busy and tiring day, you can draw her bath, give her a massage and / or offer to do the dishes after dinner.

It also doesn’t hurt to be a gentleman or a little chivalrous whenever possible.  Open the door for her, pull a chair out for her, and kiss her hello and goodbye. It is even okay for a loving husband to do this in the presence of family, friends or kids. It gives the wife something to brag about!

Grand, romantic acts

Small loving gestures are good for everyday life but bigger, more meaningful acts are better suited for special occasions. These acts may cost you a bit more money and take more time to plan but when you see the look on your wife’s face, it will all be worth it.

Write your wife a love note expressing your deepest feelings for her and leave it under her pillow. Alternatively, for your anniversary, recreate you first date, kiss or meeting. She will love you for remembering the details and going out of your way to create a special day for her.

Listening to your Wife

A loving husband listens to his wife.  Listening in this case doesn’t just mean hearing the words that your wife is saying but also about making an effort to understand her and how she feels.

If your wife has said to you, “You never listen to me”, you need to begin paying more attention to her.

Note that she doesn’t always expect you to do something about the situation. Sometimes all she wants is a listening ear. So listen even when you can’t do anything about the situation, such as when she’s talking about work.

Respecting your wife

Being respectful to your wife is an act of love and understanding.  For example, you cannot assume that your wife will take care of the house and do the cooking because she is a woman. Always offer her a helping hand Learn to appreciate her when she does these chores.

Also, do not compare your wife’s cooking to your mother’s or ex girlfriend’s cooking; it is disrespectful and could bring about lots of marital trouble.

Compliments will get you everywhere

Have you complemented your wife today?

There is no harm in showering your wife with praises. Your compliments mean a lot to her so tell her you love her cooking, her outfits, her hair and so forth. Do not forget to mention that she is a wonderful wife and mother.

If you want your wife to enjoy being married to you, then purpose to make her feel good. Compliments, acts of love and a listening ear are a few ways to be a loving husband and maintain a happy marriage.

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