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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 20: Make the Men Feel Good

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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 20: Make the Men Feel Good

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It is not easy to be a loving wife, especially when you are faced with the pressure of juggling a marriage, a career and kids. However, you also don’t want to place your husband on the back burner and make motherhood or your career your entire identity. Men, like women, enjoy receiving affection, appreciation and compliments from their spouses. Making your man feel good creates the right conditions for a happy marriage.

Being a loving wife doesn’t come naturally; you have to work towards it. Also, loving your husband and making him feel loved are two different things. This is why it is important to talk to your husband and find out what romance means to him.

Ways to Love Your Husband

Asking his Opinion

How often do you ask your husband’s opinion on decisions?

Asking your spouse’s advice before making decisions shows him that you value him and respect his God-appointed role as the head of the household. Note that asking his opinion doesn’t mean that he calls all the shots. It means discussing things with him while citing your preference.

Ask his opinion on small things like what he wants for dinner and bigger things like what color or style of furniture he prefers for your home. You can help him along by giving him two or more options to choose from.

Fulfilling Past Requests and Desires

There is no easier way to be a loving wife than by fulfilling the desires of your husband’s heart. Some desires, such as special dinner requests, are rather simple and require little effort fulfill. However, sometimes your partners will ask for something that you are not able to provide immediately. When this happens, keep these requests in mind fulfill them as soon as you can.

He will be amazed that you remembered his requests and that you went out of your way to find a way to satisfy his desires. More often than not, this will also make him more loving towards you.

Bragging About Him

Do you tell your family and friends how wonderful your husband is?

There is nothing wrong with pointing out your man’s good qualities and strengths in front of your family, friends and kids too. It is not enough to make him feel special in your home if you do not let others know how special he is.  When hanging out with other people, compliment him telling him of how wonderful he is as a husband, partner and father.  Also, when in the company of other couples, flirt with him and tell how attractive he is.

Appreciating his Work

How much do you know about your husband’s occupation?

Appreciating your husband’s work both at home and in the workplace is a great way to make him feel good. Take time to learn more about his occupation and what he likes about it. Find out what he likes to do after work and what these activities mean to him socially. Also, if he does some work in the home, tell him how much you appreciate it. He may not get involved in household projects as often as you would like him to but it’s important to appreciate his efforts.

If you want your husband to make you feel good, make him feel good first. No human being can continually ignore considerate, loving actions. Be a loving wife by making your husband feel special and appreciating his support to you and your kids.


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