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Save/Strengthen Your Marriage With A Weekly Date Night

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Save/Strengthen Your Marriage With A Weekly Date Night

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Every husband and wife need a weekly date night to have a thriving relationship.

I know you have heard this before, but are you doing it?

How many date nights with your spouse are on your calendar for January and February? I bet for most couples the only date night on their calendars in the next eight weeks is February 14.

How healthy and happy do you think a marriage can be if the only “scheduled” date night a couple has over the course of 365 days is just one?

The interesting thing to me is that I hear many “experts” downplaying or talking badly about weekly date nights.

Well guess what, they are wrong.

You and your spouse need a weekly date night.

Life’s daily demands and responsibilities are exhausting, many times overwhelming, and they strain a marriage.

Do you and your husband or wife feel the pressure? The pressure of making ends meet, planning for the future, taking care of your kids – and planning for their future, too. You have a LOT on your emotional plate. And you know that the thing that gets kicked to the side is time with your spouse.

Resolve to change this today.

You deserve a break – you need a break from the worries, pressures and stresses of daily life.

You have the choice of whether your marriage will survive or thrive.

Although it’s been said many times before it’s true none the less, “Couples who spend time together, stay together.”

How much time, quality AND quantity time, do you spend with your spouse?

One of the leading causes of marriage problems today is lack of communication. Creating a sanctuary of time into your calendars for something as simple as going to dinner, gives an opportunity for you to connect with your loved one again.

Imagine having a few minutes alone without the kids for you and your partner to have an adult conversation? How nice would that be.

You need time to talk about stuff that you would never discuss when the kids are around.

You need time to share your hopes, desires and dreams.

You need time to play and have fun.

You and your spouse share a life, and having a weekly date night is one way to maintain a healthy and thriving relationship.

Think big with regards to your date night. Dinner and a movie are great. But there are so many more options, too. Share your interests and think about sharing one that you both will enjoy whether it’s learning how to scuba dive, paint, photography class, learning a new language; you get the idea.

And  every so often do something really fun like going to an amusement park or miniature golfing – whatever is fun for you.

A weekly date night gives you time to bond, to stay connected. It’s when couples feel disconnected that trouble starts.

Do the things you did when you first met and started dating. Go on dates; open doors; leave love notes; steal a kiss here and there. These loving gestures keep a marriage healthy and strong.

Whatever you do for your date night, consider leaving a few minutes for the both of you to really connect with your hearts. Whatever activity you choose, conclude your date with a few minutes where you share your thoughts and desires. Leave time to connect in a meaningful way.

While planning your date nights, consider scheduling a surprise get-a-way with your spouse. You know what you need better than anyone else. So whether it’s a night at a favorite hotel or a romantic dinner alone at home, plan it. And once you see how happy it makes your husband or wife, I bet you will do it more often.

Resolve to enjoy date nights in 2013: planned, spontaneous and surprise moments of time with the most important person in your life.

Whatever you do in 2013, please do not neglect meaningful weekly time together with your spouse.

Put your marriage first – make it your highest priority.

A weekly date night has the power to rekindle a marriage relationship because it offers a chance for fun and heart-to-heart communication.

Enjoy weekly date nights and surprise get-a-ways to stay mad about marriage in 2013.

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