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Finding Marriage Help When Dealing With Alcoholism & Drug Addictions

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Finding Marriage Help When Dealing With Alcoholism & Drug Addictions

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We don’t talk about it much, but alcoholism and other drug addictions can be a source of severe stress that creates chronic, even dangerous, marriage problems.

Addictions can stress a marriage to the point where it needs help.

But keep in mind that the addict can be the spouse OR another person within the family.

If one of your family members is struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction, helpful resources are available to you.

If you are the one who is struggling with the addiction, then decide right now that you will take care of yourself by getting the help you need.

There are many organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous that are standing by ready to help.

If in your heart you sense that your addiction is harming your marriage, then it probably is. Finding the help you need is the first step in helping to improve your relationship with your spouse.

But most of all, please know that you are not alone.

People are waiting to surround you with the help and support that you need.

It is very difficult for family members to witness the self-destructive effects of addiction taking its toll on a loved one.

If you are in this situation, you might consider looking into Al-anon because it is dedicated to supporting family members who have loved ones suffering from addictions.

One of the benefits of Al-anon is the information and marriage support it can provide. You will be educated about alcohol and drug addiction, and receive the support of others who are in your situation.

Dealing with a situation involving addiction is especially difficult when it is one of your children. Al-anon will strengthen you in facing this challenge together as a family with courage and hope.

You and your spouse will need help, too because it isn’t just your child who is hurting, you are hurting, too. So meeting with your pastor, or arranging counseling to help see you through this situation might be a good idea.

The stress caused by alcoholism and other addictions can wreak havoc on a marriage.

You must, must,  make your relationship with your spouse one or your highest priorities while seeking help for your loved one. Do whatever it takes to keep your marriage together during this challenging time.

Great patience will be required, too. Something I often encourage people to do is to pray and seek divine strength for this situation. It brings a sense of peace, too.

Marriage counseling can also be a source of stability when dealing with these tough issues. In fact, it is highly likely that it will improve your marriage and restore a more normal level of trust and intimacy.

You and and your spouse deserve to find the marriage help that you need. Don’t let your relationship become another casualty that leads to separation and divorce.

If left unaddressed, alcohol and drug addictions can ruin a marriage. But that does not have to happen if you deal with the any divisive issues that arise between you and your spouse.

Just knowing marriage help is available for families like yours who are struggling with alcohol and drug addictions can ease the stress and help your marriage.

Will it be tough? Absolutely. But you can do it. Keep telling yourself that it will get better. And sometime soon you will emerge on the other side…and be mad about marriage again.

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