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Best Time To Get Marriage Counseling

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Best Time To Get Marriage Counseling

Everyone wants a happy, fulfilling marriage (assuming they got married for the right reasons.).

And since your marriage relationship is a top priority, it deserves the best.

So when facing marital conflict, go to the best counselor you can find – someone who is qualified and supports your values.

This is important because it demonstrates to your spouse that you genuinely desire to work things out.

Second, it gives you a neutral party to help navigate the potentially relationship-ending conflicts.

And if the counselor supports your values, and divorce is off the table as an option, then he or she will work with you to do whatever it takes to save the relationship.

It’s sad but true, but the sacred vows you exchanged are not enough to guarantee a happy, lasting marriage.

You and your partner will face unforeseen circumstances and challenges that will test your love, patience and commitment.

Realizing this, many couples actively seek and welcome marriage counseling to save and sustain their relationship.

But there are some couples who are quite cynical about marriage counseling – or any relationship advice for that matter.

They wonder if a marriage counselor can be of any help at all with the problems they’ve been unable to resolve themselves.

But look at it this way – you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by engaging the support of a qualified counselor.

So when, exactly, is the best time to get marriage counseling? If you’re even wondering about this, then it’s time to go now.

It’s unfortunate that so many married people wait until it is too late to get help.


Because in their minds, it only makes sense to get counseling only AFTER they’ve done everything they can to fix things on their own.

This common misconception leads thousands of couples along the pathway to divorce every year, something that could’ve been avoided if  only they would’ve gotten help sooner.

In reality, marriage counseling should be obtained even before the wedding ceremony.  Although rare, some couples decide during premarital counseling to end their relationship because they realize that they aren’t a good match and nothing but trouble lies ahead for them.

But for most other couples, premarital counseling raises their awareness of the potential pitfalls and dangers. And they are adequately prepared to handle conflict effectively before it becomes too serious.

Regardless whether it’s premarital counseling or full-on marriage counseling, a key strategy for achieving a positive outcome is good communication, which a qualified marriage counselor can help with.

Communication breakdowns within a marriage opens the door for a host of other problems.

It is extremely difficult – almost impossible – to solve any problem without good communication.

A marriage counselor can be invaluable in helping you and your spouse communicate in healthy, productive ways.

A counselor will keep your discussions focused, positive, and fair. He or she will also act as a referee at times.

At the end of the day, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for a happy couple to seek marriage counseling before trouble even starts.

I know it sounds crazy, but it could really help to minimize or avoid marital conflict altogether.  Why wait for trouble when it can be prevented in the first place?

Just as you visit your physician for your annual examination, isn’t it a good idea to get an annual marital check-up?

Counseling early on helps to identify and solve problems before they get out of control. The best time to get marriage counseling is BEFORE YOU THINK YOU NEED IT.

But keep this in mind. Although your counselor will work with you and support your personal relationship goals, he or she cannot solve your marriage problems for you.

You and your spouse must be committed to doing whatever it takes to have a healthy relationship.

So if you’ve been considering counseling, find a qualified Christian counselor sooner rather than later, in order to enjoy a lifetime of love and happiness.

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