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What Is The Secret Of A Happy Marriage, Really?

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What Is The Secret Of A Happy Marriage, Really?

What helps to make for a happy marriage, really?

Personality? Whether one or both partners are introverted or extroverted, or opposite since “opposites attract?”

Coming from the same religion?  Community? Circle of friends?  Having the same likes and dislikes?

What is a happy marriage – and how do you even define it?

Generally speaking, most couples identify their marriage as being happy when they:

  • Like being with their spouse.
  • Enjoy each other’s company.
  • And love each other so much that they miss being away from each other even for short periods of time.

These couples feel genuinely happy to provide for each other’s needs and are concerned about each other’s well-being.

Does this mean that their relationship always overflows with romance? Not necessarily.

When you look closer, a happy marriage is a one within which the husband and wife considers each other to be friends who respect and appreciate each other deeply.

The primary ingredient to a happy marriage is, of course, love. The kind that demonstrates itself in actions of  genuine care and affection.

Thoughtfulness, consideration, kindness, and generosity create a thriving environment for a marriage to flourish. For this creates a willingness and desire to give and to compromise.

When this happens, even if a husband and wife have personality differences, they are more willing to accommodate each other’s needs. And the small things that can smolder and fester into big things that create silly fights and broken relationships, are more easily avoided.

For example, say a wife is a cleanliness buff but her husband isn’t. If the husband loves her and understands how important this is, then he won’t leave his dirty socks on the floor. And a loving wife will choose to be patient when her husband doesn’t always put his dirty clothes in the hamper.

When a husband and wife strive to be selfless by putting each other first, they begin creating the kind of relationship that is filled with healthy compromise, mutual understanding, and peace.

Love thinks of the other person first – and PUTS each other first.

When this happens, your relationship can work through just about anything despite any personality differences or conflicts that may exist because actively loving your spouse and putting his or her needs above your own, is the solid foundation of a truly happy marriage.

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