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Marriage: Secrets For A Happy Marriage

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Marriage: Secrets For A Happy Marriage

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It’s unfortunate but true that couples tend to take their marriage for granted early on in their relationship.

Life becomes predictable. Marriage becomes mundane. They do the same things the same way day in and day out.

Then, when children are born, their attention shifts away from each other as they focus 100% on their kids and parenting responsibilities. They don’t have as much energy for their marriage.

They’re tired and exhausted so much of the time.

Charm and romance fade; passion wanes; intimacy cools.

And they struggle through days, weeks and months in their marriage just trying to survive.

But does it have to be like that?


As time passes within the marriage relationship, both partners become really comfortable with each other. And they know each other so well that almost nothing surprises them anymore.

When this happens, there’s an unintentional tendency to neglect each other’s needs. Care and concern for each other are demonstrated less often.

Not paying attention to the needs of your partner makes him or her feel uncared for and lonely.

Sometimes work is the culprit because of  career demands that require large amounts of time away from home.

What often happens in this scenario is that one spouse helps less with the household responsibilities, which makes the other feel neglected, and contributes to feelings of alienation or inconsideration.

Hurt feelings lead to heated conversations and arguments. Things are said. People are hurt.  And before you know it, the once happy married couple is upset, distant, and unfulfilled.

How do you turn this situation around to find marital happiness once again?

Well, understanding and caring are the first baby steps you can take.

Sure, you probably won’t feel like doing it.  And, yes, I know you have your reasons and they are many. But, would you rather be right or in love?

I thought so.

So show your spouse that you understand and care about them deeply.

In order to do this, you must take an interest in your spouse and discover their needs. And let them know yours.

Once you know their needs, look for ways to meet them — serve them; it’s called love.

Here’s something that might help.

Remember back to a time when you were so attracted to each other and madly in love?

What made you love each other so much?

What were some activities that you did way back then?

Relive some of those moments.

Rekindle the romance.

Bring back the passion.

Here’s an easy way to start. Compliment their smallest acts of kindness. Let your husband or wife know how much you appreciate them, and how much they mean to you.

Appreciation reciprocates appreciation; everybody wants to feel wanted and valued.

But it’s a process that starts with you.

So start creating your happy life now.

Don’t wait for tomorrow because today is the only time you have. But I promise that if you follow this advice, your marriage will be on the pathway to blissfulness once again.

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